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    First Wifi Team (Help Will Be Rewarded)

    Lopunny: Item - Focus Sash Move - Agility for sweeping Kiss, Buizel, and Jolteon. Defense Curl for Umbreon. Which one do you want more? Jolteon: Lum Berry - makes up for lack of rest. Replace Thunder with T-wave. Jolt is pretty frail. Rest should be replaced with HP Ice if possible...
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    Exchange Rate on Pokedollars?

    Isn't it about the same exchange rate as the Frank?
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    Anime Character Battle: Round 1

    L. He's the one who should've been brought back to life.
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    Too many legendaries

    Because the legendary birds and dogs have roles (Not in the anime).
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    is mine OK?
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    what gym had you frustrated

    I was glad that I trained Luxray and Torterra in my game. :)
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    Favorite cries.

    Geodude and Articuno
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    Bleach discussion - 20th anniversary announcement

    I bet that the Captains kick butt, but then Ukitake gets sick and gets killed. And it goes downhill for a while.
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    Anime fans that NEVER buy anything.

    I would like to note that I never said anything about Pirates buying stuff. What I did say is that there are many more people will buy what they like, than there are pirates. With that, it isn't guarranteed. You're 100% right. However, Is there any product that is of fair quality (Likeable...
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    Anime fans that NEVER buy anything.

    People in the industry aren't hurt by pirates. There are many more people that actually buy whatever they like instead. The pirated products allow people to find what they like, and then they will become fans. The reason why these industries are going down is drm/copyright paranoia. That...
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    attacks pokémon should not learn

    How can Pikachu use FLY???
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    The best thing that happened to you on D/P

    I trade my lv 40 Naive Regice For a lv 40 Shiny Serious Regice today. My first shiny, and I couldn't even tell that it was shiny.
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    GTS Guardians club

    I would like to join this group. I can supply Jirachi as bait for Hacks. And I do apologize for the influx of WISHMKR Jirachi on GTS, I was doing this on my own. EDIT: I can also translate Japanese characters to romaji to help determine authenticity Obtained: Shiny Regice...
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    Bleach discussion - 20th anniversary announcement

    The TBtP arc should be about over, now that we've reached the hougyoku.