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    Normal/Fighting Deck Standard (First Deck)

    First thing I see is that you have 13x strong energy in the deck. You ate limited to 4 copies of any card that is not a basic energy card. So that would have to be swapped first (unless you are meaning fighting energy there, then disregard). I stopped playing standard a while ago, so I'm not...
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    Charizard deck (please help)

    Are you looking at standard format or extended? Honestly, the discard aspect of that attack can get quite brutal, especially when you are milling through a good part of your deck to get to it. I'll try to put some thought into it.
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    Charizard deck (please help)

    M Charizard EX I was using this M Charizard EX as the basis for this. Is that not the one you were thinking of?
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    Charizard deck (please help)

    First thoughts are that you have way too much energy. Second, your trainers aren't complimenting what your deck does. As far as I can tell, Shedinja and Wobbuffet are there simply to stall until you get your mega Zard set up. Any opponent will see right through this strategy, and start setting...
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    Raichu Break Deck

    Pikachu x3 Raichu x3 Raichu Break x3 Jolteon EX x2 Magnemite x3 Magneton x3 Magnezone x3 Electric Energy x14 N x4 Tierno x3 Professor Sycamore x2 Professor's Letter x2 Clemont x2 Level Ball x3 Ultra Ball x3 Energy Retrieval x2 Muscle Band x2 Fisherman x3 Getting Magnezone...