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    Final Generation?

    I've always found these debates funny. The main reason for remaking the older games is simply to get those older pokemon available on the newer consoles, which in this case, is the DS. On the subject of Arcues being the "God", I agree with the 'it's mythology and therefore may not be true'...
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    My YGO cards!

    Very nice. I love the art on them! 10/10
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    Make Up A Yu-Gi-Oh! Card!

    Run-Away Pig Counter Trap Negate an attack or effect that targets a card on your side of the field. This effect cannot be countered. When this card resolves, you loose 100 Life Points for each level star on the card originally targeted (Spells, Traps and face-down monsters counts as star...
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    Character Bio's

    Well, they did cut the ep in the US (Ep 35) where Ash caught multiple pokémon, yet they still put them in the upcoming episodes.
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    Shining EX Pokémon? NO WAI!

    Notes to you All: A) No-one said Fake had to be ABSOLUTALLY perfect B) I can't photoshop, and even if I could, My sis wont let me use her laptop and her photoshop. Therefore I use Paint. C) Because I use MSPaint, My cards CAN'T be perfect, therefore, I settle for what I can do. I was once...
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    Monster Houses

    With Aricuno: Link Box + Powder Snow + Mind Reader = Uber Pwnage (With Articuno, I usually have Mind Reader and Power Snow linked)
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    hyper beam

    I'm pretty sure it was also in the Celadon Dept.... I could be wrong, of course
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    How many more generations?

    Agreed.... It's not like the Areseus Legend says that Areseus' finding is like the Apocolyptic Age for pokémon. I say at LEAST 2 more
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    Battle of the Eevees

    Umbreon, here. I like Dark-types alot, and I like the way it looks when it's shining, but I like it's normal form nonetheless
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    Eevee or Umbreon, Hands Down. Live on Pokemorph Isle, o' course. (Pokémorph Island is a real area made by the PMM)
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    If you were a gym leader what type would your gym be?

    Name: Blitza Type: Fire/Dark City: Port Kage Badge: Kageho (Japanese for Shadow Fire; Enables Surf) Gym #: 6 Peoples: 5 Prize: Badge, 7500 P, TM 102 (Power Blow) , TM 50 (Overheat) TM 102, Power Blow (Steel) Acc: 75, Power: 150, Lag: 1 Turn PP: 10 Auto KO if opponent has less than...
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    Drive the Flames Away... .: Typhlosion :.

    i'd also like to get the link, plz
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    Shining EX Pokémon? NO WAI!

    Shining EX Pokémon? NO WAI! Why did I make this? I have no idea. I guess it was somewhat of a revamp from one of the first cards I made 2.5 Years ago... Either way... Introducing a new card type: Radioactive (can't decide between Radioactive or Mutated). It basically means the attacks...
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    The Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    Warning: LONG quote ahead I decided to do Tyrouge, seeing as he's a natural fighter. I even put some USE into shield breaking xD Anyways, Tyrouge is able to 'Evolve' into any Hitmon, but only one at a time, and the evolution goes away after being KO'd. So, Rouge and Chan has near-same...
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    Slashin' along, slashin' along, Weaviiiiiiiilllllle!

    Good Card!! I <3 that blank, though...
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    Wondermail Generator Requests

    I'LL say this is getting pretty off-topic. to cheer you all up... Client: Wailord Objective: Help Me Place: Tiny Woods 1F Reward: Vacuum Cut ??K? T?X? ?7?? FJ?-- F4N6 F??? Client: Wailord Objective: Help Me Place: Tiny Woods 2F...
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    Fake Gardavoir

    In the older cards, it was at the end of the flavor text box I use Paint, and the only thing off are just maybe one alignment and maybe a misused font. My Philosiphy: Simplicity > Complications; Paint > Photoshop I agree Photo/paintshop have more features, yes, but they lack crutiality it...
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    Stratos Lookout

    whopps, double post
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    Stratos Lookout

    same with Kyogre and almost any other legandary, with the exepction of Raikou, Entei and Suicune
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    Rules for Contest Cards

    ;037; Maybe instead of stages, the should be ranks. Basic (Normal) -> Stage 1 (Super) -> Stage 2 (Hyper) -> Stage 3 (Master) You'd just need to change the 'Stage X' to 'R: (N,S,H,M)' EDIT -- To go along with that, you could have 'Ribbon Counters' Each rank requires X # of Ribbon...