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    Pizza Team Sig Request Shop~

    OK: Lugia Ho-oh Lucario Diaruga Rayquaza Kyogre
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    Mewmie's Hand-drawn Art Shop!

    Can you draw me a Blastoise with a Squirtle poking their heads out of the water?
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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    SOS in Mt Thunder 6F! Client: Xavier (Squirtle) Difficulty: D SOS code: 0[M]?NN NRY3H2?? [F]7??4 ?N??? ??H!2?M? 9T4J? ??X?+ HFP?9+?? !22P[...]
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    Tell Veve What to Draw

    How about you draw me a Suicune and Umbreon.
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    D_T_U's shop of Black darkness

    Pitch black darkness. YAY! anyway, I can do: Fakemon: FORM: Pokemon: Describe other pokemon parts: WARNING: THESE ARE HEAVY EDITS OF REAL POKEMON TO MAKE THEM LOOK FAKE! Revamps: FORM: What generation to be revamped: What generation to be revamped to: pokeballs: FORM...
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    \ManaphyEmuritto23 and MudkipBreeder's shop of ocean wonders.../

    the images are blurry and so is the text... can you please fix it?
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    Nator's "Banner, Trainer Card, Userbar, Fusion, and lots more!" Shop

    Small Userbar Pokemon:Pidgeot & Pigeyotto Text: Mega Flyers! Lines: Off 3D-Like Appearance: Off
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    \ManaphyEmuritto23 and MudkipBreeder's shop of ocean wonders.../

    images: http://www.pikachu.cz/Pokedex/RBY2/018...Pidgeot.jpg http://www.dltk-kids.com/PokEmon/adoptions/pidgeot.gif text (usually optional): #1 Pidgeot fan! background: http://www.hltw13.at/08_sky-clouds.jpg <--rip from that.
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    DDJ's and WM's shop

    then I guess I am fired.
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    Suicune's Shop

    anything I can do?
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    DDJ's and WM's shop

    I was here everyday, and THERE WERE NO REQUETS FOR ME.
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    Help me convince my brother!

    get Kirby Canvas curse. (it's fun and challenging lol)
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    Shiny Mystery Dungeon Pokemon?

    I saw a shiny feebas, recruited it (for some odd reason, it stayed shiny.)
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    just a shop. READ DA FIRST POST!

    sorry to DP but... any requests?
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    just a shop. READ DA FIRST POST!

    my animation won't let me animate them... sorry.
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    how long did it take you to beat mystery dungon part 1?

    1 day. Sky Tower, I saw NO pokemon until I got to the 8TH FLOOR OF THE SUMMIT!
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    just a shop. READ DA FIRST POST!

    make them three different. yes you can work here (GOD I ALREADY SAID YES!)