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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    No, Serena does not resemble the girl in the trailer. In my opinion, she is Melody of Movie 2. But I'm happy that Tetsuo Yajima is back!
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    Jul 13: M21 - Pocket Monsters the Movie: Everyone's Story (June 28: TV special)

    I Think this movie is a retelling of M02. That girl kinda looks like Melody. Btw, when will we get more information about this movie?
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    Which PokeGirl currently has the strongest team?

    I Will go with either May or Dawn, but I prefer May because of Blaziken.
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    Which of the Pokegirls had the best relationship with Pikachu?

    I Would go with Serena, Pikachu didn't zapped her in the entire saga, which means he likes her!
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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Does it Make Sense if Serena gets a camio in Alola? I mean, Ash is no longer the same Ash she admires (He is now turned into a comedy gimmick, and is rarely seen pursuing his dreams). The gang is made up of six people and it is impossible for her to fit in such a large group. and there are no...
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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Despite the popularity, she didn't get any Special episode yet
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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Pearlshipping (or Dawn's popularity) was super high during the DP era as compared to the present Yes, I got to know some of you voted. Anyways, we have a big amourshipping community on G+...
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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    tbh her popularity will keep on decreasing as time goes . Amourshipping is not a canon, but has the most chance to happen. But if Ash never wins a league and keeps continuing his journey; after a decade or so, Serena and well as amourshipping will become more and more unpopular.
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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    I recently did a poll on Google Plus Japanese pokemon community. It may have less votes but here is the result: https://plus.google.com/118435292856885868395/posts/9bxuz7eWf6b In west, her popularity is still big, we have a 735 member amourshipping community on G+
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    What do you Dislike about SM **Possible Spoilers**

    -Low Level Comedy -Ash's Face (He looks stupid, Rest of the gang look fine) -Less focus on Litten -Rushed Akala Arc -Less Battles -Aether foundation arc looks bad (I wanted Lusamine to be Lusameanie)
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    50 episodes mark, which series was the best?

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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Is SatoSere still popular in Japan, one year after the separation of the XY gang?