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    Fanfiction illegal?

    Hi! Some of you may remember me from looooooong ago and wondered whatever happened to me and my fics. They've all been deleted/moved to an indefinite hiatus. Why? As far as I can tell, writing pokemon fanfiction is illegal because it breaches copyright law, as is encouraging other...
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    Are you new?

    If you are, what do you want from the fanfic forums? I'm curious. If you've joined in the past few months/weeks/days/hours, what do you like about the fanfic section? Writing/posting your stories? The writing competitions? Reading other stories? Getting to know other writers/readers? Anything...
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    My Friend Liana's Story

    Hey there! Dude, I admire your perseverence. It takes a LOT of guts to keep trying after all the tough crit and unsuccessful attempts - so congrats. As for this new story, you're probably doing your friend a disservice by formatting her story this way. Yah, it's that spacing thing again. And...
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    Pokemon Series Part 1

    Hey, dude! Yah, I know there's a pokedex at the ready, but readers around here seem to like things handed to them on a platter and don't bother a lot with stories that make them do the work. I know it's a tough crowd to please (I've written stories here, so I do know what it's like. It's a LOT...
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    Band Of the Wastes and the Lost Ocean

    Dude, I'm seriously not sure about some of those commas. Peculiar sentence structure... not sure how to edit it. Bah, what I do know is that if you're wanting lots of readers, you'll need to take the time to space your story out like this - single blank lines between paragraphs and other...
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    Silva and Krissie an unusual couple

    And that is roughly how your story should look once you've changed it to comply with the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation. ^^ It's not that hard, but if you're not familiar with how to do this yourself, just get a beta reader who is (beta readers proof read your chapters before you...
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    The Deadly Rose

    Hey again! Awesome to see you're making use of my reviews. You've got some extrememly expressive scenes here. Even though the chapter was so short, I had no trouble picturing the scenes (though, since half-naked supermodels writhing in front of a camera are more of a turn-off than a turn-on for...
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    I've got this cool idea but I don't know.....

    Bashing? *blink* Who, me? Whoah, dude, sorry if it came out like that... I have this tendency to give long answers where short ones would suffice - which can look pretty intimidating when yeh're faced with oodles of suggestions. But I honestly didn't mean to attack you... mebbe what's needed...
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    I've got this cool idea but I don't know.....

    It might be only a sample, but remember that people have only this sample of your work to go on. Yeh can't blame folks for assuming yeh've not put a lot of effort into the story if yeh haven't put a lot of effort into the only segment they've seen of it. Yeh might have put oodles and oodles of...
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    The Deadly Rose

    Yo! Dude, don't get angry at yeh reviewers. I know what they say can hurt, but if you react like you did, you leave yourself open to even more criticism. Anyway, on to the review. First point - length. The minimum chapter length allowed by the forum rules is a page in MS Word - if your...
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    Family Ties

    I think this is more what people were after - putting a single blank line between paragraphs and other paragraphs, speech from text and speech from other speech. And please note that when you have someone saying something, there's a comma at the end of their speech and a small case 's' in the...
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    A Boy and his Eevee (PG maybe PG13)

    ARGH. WHILE I WAS TYPING THIS, YOU DECIDED TO DISCONTINUE THE STORY. BUT IT SEEMED LIKE A WASTE TO NOT POST THIS, SO HOPEFULLY IT'LL HELP YOU WITH ANY FUTURE WORKS. There - punctuated and spellchecked. In future, yeh can probably do that yourself by typing it into Word or OpenOffice and using...
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    May v.s. Brendon

    That's the entire thing corrected - save for the smilies at the beginning. You just had about three reviewers tell you it was laziness to do that. Well, that's assuming that you did it because you couldn't be bothered to put that information in the story proper. Mebbe you did it cause you felt...
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    The Chronicles:Kanto

    Mmm, depends on what you're writing this story for. If you're writing it for learning and fun, you could probably just move on. If you're wanting a lot of readers, remember that what they see first is presumably what they think the rest of the fic'll be like, so you might wanna improve the first...
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    Why would characters who don't like each other travel together? I'd say because actually going out in the world is pretty freaky with no one else. It's new and it's different and it's scary. But if you have someone else to talk to, someone who's familiar, even if they're not nice, things might...
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    The Chronicles:Kanto

    Yo, folks! *blink* Whoah, angry people. o_0
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    Javascript trouble!

    Hey again! Um, having a bit of trouble actually SETTING cookies that have semicolons in them. I've tried several different approaches, but it simply doesn't seem to work. Why, and how can I get around it? Piney. ;204;;324; EDIT: Nevermind, problem solved!
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    Javascript trouble!

    .... dude, that is SO helpful. Thankyou. Thankyou very very very very much. ^^ I'm so pleased about this. I hadn't realised just how much that function could do. Thanks heaps for your help! Piney. ;204;;324;
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    Javascript trouble!

    Essentially, it's reading the data out of a cookie. And it DOES work... but I'm not overly sure why or how. It's used in conjunction with the set cookie function function stylecookie(stylesheetid) { document.cookie = "stylesheetname=" + stylesheetid; } and once the info has been stored...
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    Javascript trouble!

    Yo! First time writing javascript, though I've had a bit of experience with other languages. This function is mostly taken from code I've found on some of the tutorial sites, so it presumably works. It appeared to work when I tested it on the site I'm building but when further changes were made...