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    Rate my cool team

    im not changing suicune, he owned whole teams because of substitute, also driffblim wasnt suposed to be a bper but a tank....
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    Rate my cool team

    hey everyone this is my team, ive had mixed successes. Golem (?) @ Focus Sash Ability: Rock Head EVs: 106 HP/178 Atk/226 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Earthquake - Explosion - Rock Polish - Stone Edge Moltres @ Focus Band Ability: Pressure EVs: 6 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Modest...
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    yeah, i thought he looked like stantler too! oh anf about that 999 stat thing, thats just exxagurated, but what about this, he would have 150 base in every stat but as mentioned before, he wouldnt be hackable, and there would only be 2 or 3 events where you could obtain arceus for a limited...
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    sure, but still theres no point in him! a god pokemon should be really good and have more then 120 in a base stat, so that at least there wouldnt be loads of pokemon who are better then him
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    i think there have been loads of these threads already, but i dont see the point of arceus! i mean, jes got 120 base in every stat, that would be great, cause then he would be almost unbeatable if it you would max it all out! werent it that theres ev's and stuff which doesnt allow you to...
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    Create your Own Abilities

    waterflower effect: fire moves are negated e.g. houndoom used flamethrower on trpius, then it doesnt effect known by: tropius, surskit, masquarain ( second option) lotad, lombre, ludicollo
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    Rate my Main Pearl Team for Wi-fi

    COLOR="Red"] EDIT sry i made one huge mistake, i putt dark pulse there, i meanth night slash [/COLOR] if you dont care about ev's youl seriously never gonna win more then 2 games in a row, and thats with luck, so heres some of my suggestions weavile@focus sash jolly nature 225 speed...
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    Design Your own Gym

    id have a elemental gym ( water/grass/fire/thunder) Jolteon Arcanine Roserade Kingdra Lanturn you would have to make pathers ( just like wallace gym) in the floor to come to me and my badge would be the heavenbadge
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    breeding whirlwind on skarmory

    so, i want to have a whirlwind-spike skarmory on rse but i dont own a pidgeot, how could i breed whirlwind on it without one? thanks already
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    Cutest pokemon (In your Opinion)

    smoochum :) and mew of course
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    Things which are unrealistic about pokemon

    i was surprised there wasnt a thread like this already!, so what do you think is unrealistic, heres what i think 1. the fact that a wailord could breed with a sneasel 2. that Max doesnt have a pokemon, while other kids younger then him have 3. that u see kids who are 8 years old and the...
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    what animals arent pokemon

    they do! roselia! roserade!
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    what animals arent pokemon

    lobster-crawdaunt starfish-starmie rose-roselia sunflower-sunflora
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    the Nightmare that will be the Triple Status!

    youre team will lose when you encounter an Aromabliss, but otherwise id give it an 8
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    rate me roserade

    i dunno thanks for telling me though
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    HP boosting moves?

    u no if they would fit hp boosts in the games, they would have to make a load of extra things, like X HP, and moves that actually lower your hp. it seems cool though
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    Pokegods-What are they?

    yeah me 2 besided arceus sucks, at least his apearance does, i expected something... wel... mightier then him
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    What Eevlution are you and why?

    i would be an umbreon because 1. they look like awsome 2. nice defenses ( i rock at defending myself) 3 his colours ( especially shiny) would suit me at night
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    Extremely Good - Underated Pokemon

    lol yeah, i think hitmontop is underated, hes just cool