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    When will it return..? [[in America..?]]

    they better start it again soon.
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    Some new ones

    wow there great, how do u do them like that?
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    What Pokemon do you hate fighting the most?

    I usually dont fight ubers but the ubers that annoy me are Lugias that can attack, Mewtwo and Kyogre. The only annoying ingame one I hate is Starmie.
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    Palkia vs. Dialga

    I like them just about equal. At first i thought dialga was awsome then i saw him in PBR and the movie preview and he looks kool, but Palkia really looks cool. At lvl 47 Dialga beats Palkia, at lvl 100 Palkia beats Dialga so I say there equal from a battle standpoint. Theres both cool ubers though.
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    Plan for a UU team

    Ok i want to make a UU team, plz dont go crazy if some of the pokemon arenet UU, i cant find a thread about it right now. Drapion@scope lens Adamant Sniper 252 att 252 spd 6 hp Swords Dance Ice Fang Cross Poison Crunch Hes already made Manetric@leftovers(still thinking about...
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    Why does EVERYONE use legendaries???

    I dont, and i agree bring an EV trained legedary that can cover manyl types like Palkia hes a good one to bring, but as D.H.L said dont use it unless you see that they have a team full of ubers.
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    If you were a Pokemon?

    Palkia!! space rocks, then Houndoom.
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    Everyone's evolving!....Except Ash?

    but still this is insane, how do u win the battle frontier and lose to the first gym leader. Thats reely sad, the people who write the scripts are really stupid. Ash has won so many things, and he still acts like a stupid little kid and man it's really upsetting to see a veteran who has gone so...
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    Dawn's Piplup will ever evolve???

    it has to, but they need to make Ash's pokemon evolve, unlike his old guys Bulbasaur and Squirtle. His Turtwig needs to evoles(im sure it will). But i think Dawns Piplup will evolve but not so soon.
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    My Pokeymans, let me show you them! (IN URGENT NEED OF RATING!)

    i have a empoleon i use as a special wall, the only difference to me is that, its a bronzong has the higher defences but empoleon can still take some good hits and strike back with more power. Just make sure it can outrun Rhyperior, Garchomp and other pokes packing STAB EQ. I think it can...
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    My Pokeymans, let me show you them! (IN URGENT NEED OF RATING!)

    Stone Edge is useless on Gyarados its D-Dance EQ Waterfall/Aqua Tail Taunt/Ice Fang i prefer ice fang but Taunt if very helpful for Skarms and Donphans
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    Hikari Dawn Differences

    i havent listened to them, but so far i guess i like Dawns character cept that she seems kinda stupid.(as in brainwise.)
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    Red Vs. Steven

    First of Steven is not Garbage, he is actally my fave trainer from all the games, and second off yeah Ash would win, Steven's team is to oriented around steel, rock and ground.
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    [Trade Request] Ground/Rock/Steel Pokemon NATURED

    would u consider good natureed a regirock/steel?
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    You guys need to lighten up!

    yeh something like that happened to me also, this kid battled me and we agreed no ubers nd his whole team was ubers. then i told ppl not 2 battle him(kinda stupid but watev i wuz ******) nd i got kicked.
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    My Pokeymans, let me show you them! (IN URGENT NEED OF RATING!)

    For Lucario I use Calm Mind Psychic Dark Pulse Aura Sphere i gues shadow ball could work, i wuz thinkin of mixing him and addin EQ there to cover, Rock/ground and fire weaknesse. Also water pulse but its real weak so thats a small chance.
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    XD: Gale of Shiny

    well now that u can, i guess if u soft reset enough times.
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    What's a good Moveset for Gengar?

    i wouldent take the risk, after one D-Dance very little stants in T-Tars way or in that case any D-Dancing poke Gyarados, Salamence watev, u gotta kill fast.
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    Move Deleter Wont Delete

    cuz its ur last pokeon wit that HM. u need to just catch a crap pokemon and give it the HM.