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    Name Change?

    I've decided to become more active in the Pokemon Community but I wanted to get a name change. How would I go about doing that?
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    Is Everything Fair Game Now?

    I'm late and everyone has figured this out already, but it seems that the Pokemon anime has been revamped with everything. -New Cast -New Region -New Traits For TR -Ash Catches 7 Pokemon It seems like the directors have finally realized that doing that "catch only 5 Pokemon and use...
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    Serebii.net 8th Advent Calendar Discussion & Suggestions

    Help! How can i save these things?!
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    Explain Some Things To Me...

    I don't really watch the Japanese anime since I don't know where to find the episodes so I just watch the American one. But I've been more or less keeping track of the anime at its current state (since the tournaments are always my favorite part) but can you guys explain some stuff to me...
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    Legendary Trainer's Face Revealed

    How does everyone know that he has a darkrai?
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    DP183 - Sinnoh League Opening!!

    I'm really disappointed this season. No matter how crappy the anime got, I always said I would wake up early to watch the League battles but this one seems a bit... rushed.
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    May Be A Noob Question

    But where exactly can I watch the Japanese dub of Pokémon? Subbing is not really important (unless one exists) but I've been falling behind in terms of watching the American anime. (the last episode I actually SAW saw was Fantina's Drifloon evolving). I really need to catchup, and I don't want...
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    So Serebii...

    I've been visiting Serebii for a good four years now but one thing that I think the site should really do is April Fools. I mean, a little prank couldn't hurt. The next day, you can even say it was a prank (or on the same update at the bottom). I mean, let's have a sense of humor. A little prank...
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    Do You Think There Will Be References?

    For instance, do you think it will fire an explanation to why the Legendary birds are in Sinnoh? Do you think after you beat Jasmine, do you think she will go on a "long trip" to a far away country. What other references do you think might be in it. Anyways what do you think?
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    http://kabigon.faltzershq.com What do you think?
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    I need to make a youtube vid

    Views work like this: you only get a view if someone finishes watching the video. The shorter the video the more views. Now all you have to do is get out and share that video.
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    Kabigon Inc.

    Sorry forgot. http://www.kabigon.faltzershq.com
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    Kabigon Inc.

    Well I finally got my site up and I need some constructive criticism on it (besides the content). Throughout the wekk I am planning on finishing adding all my content. But tell me what you think of it.
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    How Much Would You Pay!

    I'm sure someone would even pay some good money just to advertise on this site. I know I would.
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    How Much Would You Pay!

    Wow was I off. 1,000,000 bucks is horrendous. I bet whoever bought the domain (kudos if you bought it yourself) would be pretty pleased and ask for some money. I mean, heck if you ever fall on hard times you have your Ace in the hole right there. Your alexa rank is thousands more than some...
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    How Much Would You Pay!

    Oh, it was just one of those little fun posts. But never mind. Didn't know it would make such a fuss.
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    How Much Would You Pay!

    Didn't Know Where This Went If Serebii/Joe/Jorebi/Serebo said that he was selling the site and the highest bidder would get the sites along with all of it's pages, would you bid? How much would you pay for Serebii? And please be real, none of that 1,000,000 BUCKS! Kind of things. Just...
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    Project: World's End - Discussion Thread

    This better be pure awesomeness Joe with all the fuss going on. I mean it better make us have to blink, rub our eyes and have our computer shut down because it is so awesome. It better.
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    Quick Question

    Hi, I've been wanting to ask a question now for awhile now ever since pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out. What I want to know is, how do you guys get the games so fast? I mean, I thought Platinum was to come out Saturday but here it is on Wednesday and alot of people have the game already...
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    Dazzle Recorder?

    Would it be possible if you could tell me how to set it up to my computer without the TV? (I don't have a TV near so I would assume I would do some super advanced method to hook it up to my computer).