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    What in Poke'mon annoys you?

    Aside from the title of this thread annoying me, what annoys me is when a bad Pokémon breaks out of the thrown ball. It really makes me want to run in and beat that Pokémon's face in with the very same ball that it had escaped.
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    How long were you into Pokemon, and what got you into it?

    I believe I was about five years old when I had first started getting into Pokémon. I was not really aware of how popular it was at that time. I remember choosing Bulbasaur in Red Version and finding Missingno on my own. Of course, I had no frickin' idea what in the world Missingno actually was...
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    Happy holidays!

    Happy holidays!
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    Yes, a shiny Pokémon is shiny in the overworld. I think I'll have my Aerodactyl follow me.
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    Which Pokemon Won You The Pokemon League?

    My Infernape, Aerodactyl, and Giratina helped me the most during the Elite 4.
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    Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

    Tears Don't Fall- Bullet For My Valentine.
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    What ability would you have?

    I'm not exactly sure which ability I would like to have. I guess Flash Fire so I could walk through fire and be healthy.
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    What forum skin do you use?

    I use Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow.
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    Who was the hardest "Regi" to catch? Who was easiest?

    I believe Regirock was the most difficult to be captured for me. Registeel was the easiest of the three.
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    Most Useful Pokemon?

    When I had my Leaf Green cartridge, I remember Gengar being extremely useful for me. I don't recall the exact moveset though.
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    That insanely awesome announcer is insanely awesome.

    I might've misunderstood your question buuuut...you could attempt to work with what you have already in the game. It isn't very helpful but it's something. You have Diamond? Just copy your Pokémon data from there.
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    Ever had a Pokémon move used on you in real life?

    I've had a Rain Dance-Water Gun combo used against me when I was younger.
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    A Religion Thread.

    I'm agnostic so I don't believe evidence of a benevolent deity can be found nor do I believe that there is major evidence against it. This creates quite a conflict with my Christian family.
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    Mmhmm, the Squirtle on the far left is shiny.

    Mmhmm, the Squirtle on the far left is shiny.
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    What's Your Favorite Music in G/S/C?

    My two favourite themes are VS Red and Slowpoke Well. Everytime I hear them, I stop playing the game and just listen to the sound for a while.
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    Last Supper Squirtle is pretty pro.

    Last Supper Squirtle is pretty pro.
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    Does anyone ever play 1st generation games anymore?

    I play Red/Yellow almost everyday via emulation.
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    Do you have all the 3rd gen games???

    I bought Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green. I found Ruby on a bus; I rarely ever play it.
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    your childhood dreams, what i wanted to be wen i grew up.

    I've had multiple childhood dreams. I've wanted to become a: -veterinarian -cartoonist -comedian -anthropologist -writer My current dream is to become a paleontologist.