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    Pokemon Nicknames

    Lol, thats an interesting way of naming pokemon. Thats cool ^^ I Nickname all of my pokemon... After characters (my own or otherwise.) Zim the Palkia Gaz and Dib (Gardevoir and Gallade) Gir (Registeel) Terra (Grotle, Torterra soon) Spongebob (Armaldo) Patrick (Starmie) Squidward...
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    What's your easiest Legendary Pokemon capture?

    Giratina, with the first Dusk ball I threw. ^^
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    Which would your pets be?

    My Rat would end up being a Ratatta... :D It'd be nice to have an Eevee or a Blissey though.
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    The most useful attack?

    Lesse... Flamethrower, Surf, psychic, Toxic, Leech seed, Sing/hypnosis, Shock wave, Dream eater, Shadow claw, Leaf blade, Night slash... Yes dream eater. But really... It IS useful.
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    Best And Worst Pokemon Cries

    Faves: Lumineon, Glaceon, Palkia, Kyogre, Regigigas, Regice, Togekiss... Least faves: Floatzel, Regirock
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    Remember what Pokemon Was REALLY about?

    I never use pokemon just because they're strong- I use them because I like them... I've only ever EV trained a few times- a Registeel and a Slowbro in speed-... I rarely use pokemon because they're strong... My blissey knows Dream eater. It's one of my favorite moves.... But anyone whos...
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    The first Shiny you EVER Caught

    My first was.... A shiny ditto in emerald. And I was All spazzing "OMG ITSA SHINY!"....
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    Developing bonds with Pokemon.

    ...... KYGE!!! WHY DID I ERASE YOU!?!?!?!? ...... Well anyways, I just get sooo angry when my fav pokemon ( Sceptile, Armaldo, Sneasel, umbreon, Tentacruel, Gengar, Kyogre, Starmie, Registeel, and can't forget my cute little Baltoy ;343;= 'HOW DARE YOU CALL ME CUTE?!' Aww, youre angry :) )...
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    What does Deoxys say? (PMD)

    ..... farmilliar? ;212; ....suprised he doesen't yell 'I am deoxys!' he just sez it normally :)
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    Male or female pokemon

    ... you can only get female blissey O_o; I can't believe no ones mentioned this yet... Jynx. A male jynx is just O_o.... thats something they should have had a seperate, male evo for.... O_o;
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    soo what are you doing to pass the time till D/P comes out

    ... i know. I'm not THAT exited, i do want it to come out but im not as exited as you guys.
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    Do you consider any pokemon evil ? which one ?

    ... but thats why i like them >)
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    Dumb Nicknames

    I named a gulpin something along the lines of 'bmhgf' once (cause i had no clue what to name it so i named it that) i also remember a gloom named like that too, and a Lv.58 wobbuffet I caught in the cave Mewtwo is in 'stupid'. and a kecoleon named, 'kecola' after a little kids show... DONT ASK...
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    soo what are you doing to pass the time till D/P comes out

    Probably... Playing other games, watching dvds, the stuff i usually do nowadays... oh and school. *grumble* school.... I mean, I'm homeschooled, but... well, ya know, no one likes school.
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    Do you consider any pokemon evil ? which one ?

    Mr.Mime, forgot about him :) Evil, rotton little guy with his... confusing, invisible walls and his stupid Hair and Ridiculously huge hands, all the traits of someone EVIL!
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    Do you consider any pokemon evil ? which one ?

    Whazabout the evil Groudon from Jirachi Wish Maker? Haunters also pretty bad, and as others have said Dark, Ghost and Poison types ARE NOT evil. Gyarados isn't evil, hes just grouchy. Mewtwo as someone said is just misunderstood. Oh and the Kabutops and Aerodactyl from Pokemon Heroes. Darkrai is...
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    Wait a minute... A second time controlling lengendary?

    WOOPSIE! we've been saying it was Dialga all along...
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    Celebrity/Cartoon Character Movesets, Types, & Abilities

    heeheehee thats funny!! Hmm.... Wonder what Dib would be like, Haha Dib Type: Normal/ Dark? I think? Ability: acrobatics or compoundeyes, I guess. Moves: Quick attack Double team Shadow ball Headbutt Skull bash Taunt Theif Forsight High Jump kick Hehe
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    Wait a minute... A second time controlling lengendary?

    Rofl, once in a blue Mew. I don't know if they have any relation, but I think that they do, It's sortuv easy to imagine them having a relation. But when you think like that, :386-s: ;484; ..... hmmm.... once again we are faced with a puzzling question. And what exactley is the relation between...
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    Least favourite battle facility

    I HATE, repeat, HATE the pyramid. les just look at my game. Battle tower single win streak: 13 (I got so friggin bored i just left) Battle tower double: 11 (^) Multi: 14 (but your partners an idiot most of the time -_-) Battle factory single: 7 open level :1 Battle pike: 42 rooms (owned by...