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Search results

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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    That is correct. I'll take that oval stone from ya as my promo item.
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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    Okay I have a heart scale and the two mons for the mew.
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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    I'll be home from work around 4pm MST if you are still wanting to trade.
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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    Already used my heart scale that was given in the game.
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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    I've got a moon stone that I could toss In for ya.
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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    Latias is the only pokemon that I have that you are wanting unforchunantely.
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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    I also have a cresselia that I could part with.
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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    RS is 2981-6647-3528 have a rare friend safari!
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    Pokeislandguy's Pokeisland

    I also have an American Cresselia, looking to trade it for Deoxys, Jirachi or Keldeo. RS is 2981-6647-3528
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    Looking for several legendaries.

    I have Lugia, Ho-oh, kyogre, groudon, rayquaza and heatran. In need of meloetta. RS is 2981-6647-3528
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    Event Trading Thread

    Looking for mew, Darkrai, jirachi, keldeo, arceus and a few other event pokemon. Have tons of legendaries. RS is 2981-6647-3528.
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    HiramsShop! Legends, Shinies, Breeding!

    I have a Latias, naive Thunderus, calm Zekrom, docile Landorus, timid. In need of mew or a Darkrai. RS is 2981-6647-3528
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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    I have a latias, currently looking for a Mew or the Darkrai. RS is 2981-6647-3528