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    What is the most annoying thing in D/P

    when u have a million items in your bag and it takes 10 minutes to scroll down to the bottom. and finding munchlax.
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    Do you like the in-battle trainer comments?

    its funny when cynthia says "i cant remember when I was put in a corner like this"- what you cant remeber 20 minutes ago when I beat you last
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    Rate my wi-fi team:

    well some items/natures would be good. dont expect to win
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    Errr... I need help deciding.

    lucario is 1 garchomp is another
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    My Diamond Team (!!!HELP ME!!!)

    well if u want to perfect it ud get them to lvl 100 for a start. but... alakazam- hasty nature, ala's defence is lacking and hasty nature isnt gonna help that. thunderpunch doesnt work anymore for a special sweeper swampert- needs more physical moves charizard- nih rampardos- u want quick...
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    Rate my Diamond Team!

    well lvl 100 pokemon arent any good if they dont know any moves, a level 1 caterpie could beat them(except for when it ran out of moves). And whats with the all male thing sexist
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    Rate my sucky team

    well, there appears to be very little strategy involved, just go hard with lots of attacks. try and add a status changer or something to a few pokemon. someone like u would do better with lucario than umbreon.
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    Battle Tower Team - Please give advice

    for your third pokemon i reckon a special seeper would fit in nicely. for gchomps last move, fire fang or stone edge would work well
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    Eevee is a Starter pokemon in which game? RMT

    starter eevee- the mystery dungeon rescue teams. Anyway, your team is fairly just a few little things that could be improved but overall ok
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    Need to complete my 3 on 3 team

    bronzor isnt a really excellent pokemon, u may want a physical sweeper. by the way what city is these tournaments in, I live in Brisbane and havent heard anything
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    Need Team Help

    well if u want to do battle tower or whatever, u can only use one of each item. it looks good for a 1st try. the 1 thing i would suggest would be teach magnezone magnet rise(makes trait levitate), heaps of pokes know earthquake so its just gonna get owned if its susceptible to ground type moves
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    RMT Another time around!

    it looks pretty good, porygon z is good keep it
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    Come Rate/Improve my team

    that team sounds pretty awesome youve got some really tricky combos in there, i dont usually say good things but this team has a lot of potential
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    so i herd u liek sandstream

    u need a special sweeper, maybe gengar or porygonz
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    Team issues

    for aphysical wall u could try skarmory, they can really do some damage if used well. replacing dusknoir with gliscor probably isnt wise uv already got 2 physical swprs
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    My little team

    your natures are really err... average. i mean u give delcatty adamant nature and calm mind. WTF? Lonely nature for blisseys got to be one of the worst considering u dont have 1 physical attack on it- i wouldnt use wish aswell as softboiled- go SB. relaxed tyranitars gonna get run over in speed...
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    rate team

    for your dragonite u dont need to teach it that many drgn moves. lose outrage. luxray's spark isnt needed. replace fly on staraptor with uturn and send it out first.
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    You want an interesting title? Too bad. RMT

    oops sorry for the repeats my computers going slow
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    You want an interesting title? Too bad. RMT

    its alright, nice work for noticing that charizard thing
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    You want an interesting title? Too bad. RMT

    its alright, nice work for noticing that charizard thing