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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I'm really liking this gen, can't wait to see more. The ice cream pokemon looks a lot better from the sprite opposed to the fanart, quite adorable. and Marakachi, yeee! want.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I really am not sure what to think of these pokemon. Since reshiram and zekrom, my interest in the new pokemon has been declining. Its hard to judge though, the sprites can't really give us all the details of a pokemon. I do find interest in the sarcophagus pokemon and also the tarantula, but...
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    Favorite Pokedex holder and character?

    Dex-Holder: Ruby- He was different and his character was such a funny contrast, from fanatical contest participant who obsesses over all that is cute and beautiful to this serious kick *** character. Character: That's a toughy, I'm caught between Blaine and Giovanni, who surprised me in the...