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    Kingdom Hearts Discussion

    I've got kingdom hearts 1 and 2 on Ps2 and I'm currently playing though kingdom hearts 358/2 days on my DS which is awesome game :)
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    Which Pokémon do you carry always with you?

    I always have Golurk on my pokemon black team as he flys and do lots of damage and his my favourite Unova pokemon
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    Which 6-Pokemon Squad of Ash's Was Most Memorable for You?

    His orange Islands team Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Lapras and Snorlax because that team was awesome and was one of my favourite teams
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    Will you choose X or Y and Why?

    Im going to get pokemon Y first because I really like Yveltals design and I think he is super awesome
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    Do You use HM slaves?

    For pokemon platinum I used a Bibarel I trained from a bidoof for most of my hms and a golbat for flying and a dustox for defoging and in soulsilver I used my pidgeot for flying and a furret that I raised from sentret for my other hms
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    What was your favorite 4th Gen game?

    Soulsilver as I got to explore the johto region and walk around with my pokemon and catch my favourite legendary lugia
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    Most Prized Pokemon?

    My Shiny weezing that I caught as a shiny koffing in soulsilver in the burnt tower :)
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    Platinum vs. HGSS

    I liked both as I loved exploring sinnoh in pokemon platinum however I loved revisiting the johto region in soul silver and walking around your pokemon was cool plus I loved fighting team rocket more then team glatlatic
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    Cynthia vs Lance...who gonna win?!

    Cynthia has a really good team and is really tough plus her spiritomb caused me aloud of problems in the past
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    Pokemon Types Game!

    Sharpedo :)
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    Favorite Legendary

    My favourite 3rd generation legendary would be Rayquaza since his design is radical and I really like him in the pokemon movies and he is just so cool being a flying dragon who lives in the sky
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    Favourite Frontier Brain?

    Lucy was my favourite frontier brain since I loved her cool design and I really loved the battle pike zone in emerald :)
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    Favorite Colosseum/XD music

    My favourite tracks had to be the music you hear when you face Evice, Mirror Bs theme from XD, The relic forest music and the semi-final battle music which I loved hearing on Mt battle :)
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    Wich one firered leafgren?

    I like fire red more as more of my favourite generation are on it such as Growlithe, Ekans and Electabuzz :)
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    What are your thoughts on Wobbuffet?

    Wobbufett is awsome as he can counter lots of attacks with counter and mirror coat and it high defence helps it do this
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    Espeon Vs Umbreon

    For me its Espeon since its my favourite Eevee evolution and I love just love Espeons design more :)
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    Ruby or Sapphire? O.o

    Sapphire for since it was the first one I got and I prefer Kyogre over Groudon since I love water pokemon
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    Favorite flying type based on aesthetics?

    My favourite flying type would be Lugia or Articuno I find them both really beautiful flying pokemon
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    Favorite Anime Girl?

    Dark magician girl from Yugioh she is super cute and one of my favourite characters in the original Yugioh series also she has good attack and defence points
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    The legendary birds!

    Articuno is my favourite legendary bird as I love its design and also its the first of the three i first caught back in blue plus its a ice type pokemon which is awesome since ice is one of my favourite types :)