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    vBulletin Blogs - Yay or Nay?

    Nay! First of all this is tuning into a facebook thing and kinda losing it's pokemon values. [I couldn't think of another word] Nobody read anyone's blog after the first time. I should know. :p There will be wayyyy too many lags and Mods will have to double their work [as if they...
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    //.:*~*!The Sprite Mafia!*~*:.\\

    Hello Pixel Over for: .:Faithless:. Image to be Pixelled Over: will this picture work? WBGed? Yes Please. Also I have a question. Can you add sparkle trails all around it, if you think that's to much then I can but you still get the credit. Thanx
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    Hi! I'm Puru. I'm back! I hope atleast someone remembers me here. Anyways, I was back and I just wanted to say hi. Oh boy it's good to be back!
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    The first Shiny you EVER Caught

    Shiny Graveler. In FR
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    Ryuu's Wifi Team

    Okay So what should I replace shuckle with? With Rampardos that's but with power of Avalanche I can take down many pokemon and I can keep my Rampardos (I have my ways ;) )
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    Ryuu's Wifi Team

    My team needs a good defense and fast I only chose shuckle because of it's defense and Special Defense stats.
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    Ryuu's Wifi Team

    Here's my attempt to make a wifi team *Waits for mega critiscm* -Note I've already posted this on Pe2k but the more options the better Blissey @Leftovers Bold (+Def/ -Atk) 252 HP/ 252 Defense/ 6 SDef Seismic Toss Aromatherapy Softboiled Thunder wave Basic Wall, T-wave to annoy...
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    August Banner Contest

    Here's mine I hope I didn't break any rules (I'm 99% sure I didn't) And again I really don't hope for a win.
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    You're banned.

    banned for putting Hipopotas as your Avvie :p
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    The bishie battle thread

    Gary just runs away from being wierded out too much. *runs*
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    Rate the sig above you

    9/10 10 char
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    Rate how well known the above user is

    7/10 Seen you everywhere.
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    The bishie battle thread

    k Gary and Unown side against everyone (Pokemon or not!0
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    Rate how well known the above user is

    5/10 just seen
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    You are obsessed With Pokemon When...V.4

    Ever since R/G/B Came out.
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    Rate the sig above you

    9/10 10 char
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    Love it or Hate it!?

    Love Sushi?
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    The bishie battle thread

    Gary still thinking you're dolts JK He challenges everyone to a pokemon battle!
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    Last poster wins!!!!!!!!

    I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!