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    Looking for a nicknameable shiny milotic

    I'll offer lots of rare pokemon and some cool shinies(all legit), PM me to see my stuff and shinies since I'm too lazy to post them
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    Amazing Trading Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shiny pidgeot and shiny poochyena for the latias
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    Trading GOOD shinies (all legit)

    what could I get for a shiny cranidos?
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    Shinies Galore!

    Shiny pidgeot and shiny cranidos for the shiny feebas?
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    im looking for this shiny

    What have you got to offer?
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    Shift's FREE SHINIES!!!

    Um, hey. I didn't get a response o.o
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    Shift's FREE SHINIES!!!

    Got to go, if you accept then keep the flygon over? o.O
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    Shift's FREE SHINIES!!!

    Shiny pidgeot for the shiny flygon?
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    Looking for a radared shiny trapinch

    ...so I can basicly nickname it. :P I'm trading a shiny pidgeot, shiny starly or a shiny poochyena for it. I also have a few legendaries, rare pokemon and TMs to give. I want one badly. I don't care what nature and gender it has.
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    Shiny Swablu for trade

    well I do have an untouched shiny cranidos
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    Shiny Exchange Shop

    I'm on wi-fi
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    Shiny Exchange Shop

    My FC is 0945 8939 0139
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    Shiny Exchange Shop

    Shiny pidgeot for the flygon?
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    Shinys Galore =]

    If you still have Flygon I could trade offer a shiny pidgeot for it.
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    Shinys Galore =]

    are your pokemon nicknameable?