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    Which shinies do you want?

    I wouldn't mind another Furret. Then Salamence, Kingdra, Charizard and um, Umbreon.
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    How many times have you restarted G/S/C?

    Never restarted my original Gold and Silver. On the other hand, with the other four copies of Silver, three Golds and two Crystals, probably countless times.
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    Best fire type

    Houndoom or Charizard, for me. Oh, and Typhlosion gets a honourable mention.
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    Who still has Gold, Silver, or Crystal.

    I've still got both my original Silver and Gold from the UK release. Both work fine, with no data corruption issues or anything, and I play them every day. I also have a further three copies of Gold and four of Silver, and two Crystals... But that's not the point.
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    the perfect horror flick

    Anything that involves a nice bloodthirsty werewolf. But it needs to have a somewhat decent transformation scene *coughAnAmericanWerewolfInLondoncough*, and the wereolf needs to look like a wolf, not some stupid half-naked man/wolf thing.
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    What did you like most about the second generation?

    They gave me my lovely Furret. And how they improved so much upon R/B/Y with everything, and breeding, and Shinies, and hold items, and day and night and... *ramble ramble*
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    All the buzz about remakes...

    Having Johto expanded upon would be nice - more back story to the events with Team Rocket after Red/Blue/Yellow, and more done to Kanto. It felt a bit like it was half-finished. Unless they let you then travel to Hoenn, I'm fairly sure the events in Hoenn happen after those in G/S/C. Oh, and...
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    Cheating Devices VS Hard Work

    I'm very anti-hack. ...I'll leave it there.
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    Stupid things that people have done in TV shows & movies.

    Basil Fawlty married Sybil and decided to run a hotel, and let the Major become a long-term resident there. Gary Sparrow decided to have two wives on the go in Goodnight Sweetheart... Albeit in different time periods.
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    Harry Potter VS Twilight - Now with commentary from Stephen King!

    I've only read one Twilight book, the first one, so I'll refrain from commenting on the series. I lost all respect for Rowling and the Harry Potter series when she killed off Lupin, though. I prefer the Inheritance Cycle. lol
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    Stupid things that people have done in real life.

    There's a girl in my Food Technology class who wanted to see what would happen if she stuck her hand in a food processor whilst it was on... Probably the bloodiest Food Tech lesson we've ever had. Oh, and my own personal stupid moment. I was at school, waiting for the coaches to come, because I...
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    Your favourite bands / artists. -- And read the first post you idiots.

    1. Pet Shop Boys 2. Soft Cell/Marc Almond 3. Duran Duran 4. Mr. Mister 5. Visage 6. Wham!/George Michael 7. The Human League 8+. *please insert whatever 80s groups* Though to be honest, I'm pretty much an 80s purist. Unless it's the Pet Shop Boys... Oh, and I have a major thing about...
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    Claim a song thread

    It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys - -Dragon-
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    What do you name your Pokémon?

    In the team I usually use? Unoriginal, but hey. Furret - Colin Kingdra - Typhoon Charizard - Blaize Furret - Fierre Ampharos - Glimmer Scyther - Blade
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    Most Uncommon Pokemon

    You dare say that with me around? Anyways, Dewgong for me. Which reminds me, I need to get 'round to EV'ing mine.
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    The most 'perfect' legendary so far

    I personally think that Suicune is the nearest to "perfect" there can be. Decent stats, a good Calm-Minder, can BoltBeam....
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    Your Ideal Pokémon Game

    For me? A G/S remake with none of the crap from D/P. And lots of Furrets.
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    What's your easiest Legendary Pokemon capture?

    Wild Mewtwo appeared! Karen used Pokéball! WTF? It worked?
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    When did you first discover Pokemon?

    I saw a Charizard soft toy in a shop, back in 1999.
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    Neutral and bad natures

    Heh, I like the neutral Natures, as it makes it seem more like R/B/G/S.