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  1. J

    Dawn shipping: Who does she love?

    i used to support i LOT of dawn parings but my dawn otp is cavaliershipping:)
  2. J

    Endlessummer181?!? I freakin love your art!

    Endlessummer181?!? I freakin love your art!
  3. J

    Dawn shipping: Who does she love?

    i used to be a belleshipper and a twinleafshipper but after seeing some fanart i became a penguinshipper i mean kenny loves dawn he always blushies when shes around so yeah the ONLY dawn couple i like is penguinshipping woo go penguinshipping kennyxdawn 4eva!
  4. J

    Dear Joey,

    oh yeah your mom in the game is SO annyoing "dear i hope you dont mind that i spend your money on something" YES I FREAKIN DO MIND I DONT WANT A MILLION BERRIES!
  5. J

    Dear Joey,

    @assassinsceptile LO FREAKIN L
  6. J

    Dear Joey,

    the pokegear can be annoying people ringing you every second like "battle me my rattata's awesome" or "im training my weddle to be big and strong" or "battle me on route 4 my koffing's SO strong" look i don't care i battled you once at the start of the game and now your out of my freakin life...
  7. J

    Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

    nope everything is fine for mein hgss cuz it owns:D
  8. J

    The Cities of Johto

    i love olivine city don't know why though:D
  9. J

    Wait, is that Leaf?

    WHAT A TWIST! i'v always had a soft spot for leaf so that would be cool:) they should have made it so if you played as the male you battled red and if you played as the female you battled leaf that would be awesome and if they did that i would have battled leaf:D
  10. J

    Which did you catch with the Master Ball in SS/HG??

    um dont laugh but i used it on a miltank. WHAT?!? I CLICKED ON IT BY MISTAKE and now i regret it cuz i dont have legendary :(
  11. J

    "What's This Ship Called?"

    whats this couple called max x max? i know its weird but i saw it on the internet somewhere! i just hope its max x that max from the ep were there are two maxs because if its max x himself... weird...
  12. J

    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) Discussion Thread

    hey guys i know i sounded i little stupid in my last comment by pokéshipping makes me all peppy! anyway yes i know ash is BLIND to mistys feelings like in the totodile ep he took totodile even though he knows misty LOVES water pokémon but hes only a stupid ten yearold who knows nothing about...
  13. J

    Dawn shipping: Who does she love?

    drew or barry yes i know weird couples but im weird!
  14. J

    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) Discussion Thread

    Pokéshipping is BOUND to happen! Ash and Misty were made for eachother! Even though May is my fav character I HATE advanceshipping and I HATE pearlshipping and Ash x Iris even more! I HATE Dawn and im not a big fan of Iris I don't hate Iris as much as Dawn but i don't like her. Sorry if i'm off...
  15. J

    Bad Habits?

    lets see i ALWAYS use my starter pokemon and try to avoid trainers