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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    thank you so much!
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    Have an idea for a deck but don't have a decklist? Click here!

    this is my Dialga vstar deck using the Blastoise Go Engine: 2x Dialga V 2x Dialga VSTAR 2x Squirtle 2x Blastoise (Go series) 3x Mew (Celebrations) 1x Zacian V 1x Radiant Greninja 1x Luminion V 4x Battle VIP Pass 3x Quickball 2x UltraBall 2x Evolution Incense 2x Rare Candies 4x Metal Saucer...
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    I recently made a pokemon fan animation! Which sub forum would be most appropriate to submit it? Would you prefer the video itself uploaded? or will the youtube link be okay?
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    Favorite grass starter pokemon?

    I actually wish I picked Chespin on my first playthrough of XY. I like the spikey-armour design in his final evolution.
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    Favorite fire pokemon starter?

    Fiery lizard that turns into a Dragon! Pretty easy choice, and metal af!!! My second choice would have been the Monkey.
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    Sorting Pokémon into Hogwarts Houses

    I was wondering why you put the Nidoran line in Slytherin, and then remembered it was because they were poison types. Which I suppose would make sense, thinking about it. Just not sure if I would put Mewtwo in Ravenclaw personally.
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    Offical Nickname Discussion thread

    My team from my recent play of Pokemon VIolet: Niaoha the Meowscarada (my japanese partner named him haha) Eclipse the Ceruledge (just sounds cool lol) Jackal the Lucario (kind of looks like Anubis the Egyptian God, who also had the head of a Jackal) Juggerfrost the Cetitan (I mixed the words...
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    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - HELP THREAD [Ask your questions here]

    New here, sorry if this has already been asked. Does breeding matter, when it comes to getting good IVs? Or does everyone just use the new Bottle Cap mechanic? Say if I got a Pokemon with Fantastic Stats, and then gave it Bottle Caps to Hypertrain it - does it make a difference, competitively?