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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    So I was looking through my cards aiming to sell them and noticed I had a Lt. Surges Eevee, first addition. It also appears like a holo and wanted clarification on what people thinks it worth? If anything at all.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    Haven't had a random shiny ingame since gold/silver/crystal but recently was roaming in pokemon white and had two shinies pop up near enough within hour an hour of each other. :D Lunatone and Tropius added to the collection :D
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    If I start a new game, will I lose my Poke Walker courses?
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    I am looking to get a dawn stone. Serebii itemdex states come first at the bug cintest which I did but I received a sun stone.. Is it possible, dawn stone = win in morning, sun = win durung the day, dusk = win at night?
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    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    OH and to top it off, its alot smaller than I thought it would be! So its perfect for wearing on my belt at work so others will not see it.
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    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    Got my gme on thursday and took the walker to work today with a hoot hoot on it. Of course it leveled. The steps it records are not accurate in regards to how many you work, its like its multiplied somewhat. Managed 7000 steps at work in 6 hour shift..not to sure about that :P but either way it...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    Alright! My game finally arrived today! Watch this space. :P
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    You know you're obsessed with Pokémon when...

    When you track your import of Heart Gold online to the hour! (Its in Germany now haha ;) )
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    I was thinking it has webbed feet so potentially a water pokemon. But who knows.
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    New pokemon game revolution main games no more

    Thats way to much narrowmindedness for my liking. Don't forget was it not adults that created Pokemon? Jeez, just because an kid enjoys a game just as much as an adult, does not mean a company would not listen to the adult. Companies listen to all, if they didn't they would fail.
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Nintendo_event_Pok%C3%A9mon_in_2009 Its fine mate.
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    Shiny Pokemon Get Traded?

    Heh if your gonna RNG , you might as well Action Replay it, its faster. lol
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    Perhaps the CD teaches the trainer how to teach the pokemon the move..
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    Who is your team's 'flyer'?

    Crobat was before I restarted Platinum. Now Togetic is. He is rather useful in general =D
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    Pokemon Being "Inapropriate"

    On the subject of being inapproirate, I've been watching the pokemon moviews, and it does really begin to portrait Ash as a gay guy. I mean anytime he meets a kid and has to go he gets immensely emotion, which I can understand from a kids perspective, but I just find it hard to see kids these...
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    Have We Been Neglected - UK

    Managed to find, Jirachi Wishmaker and Pokemon 4Ever in HMV today, but that was it. There was also a Pokemon Chronicles volume 4. Didnt buy that though.
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    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    It looks ok, as it has the fateful encounter bit. Caugth at lvl30 which is correct, at the rigth clocation. I have no idea on IV's but other than that they caught it in a standard pokeball. Seems fine to be, but others might have better skillz at finding something wrong. Note: If you have...
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    Do you count changing the internal clock as cheating?

    Its the time? It changes when the clocks go back and forward for Daylight saving..its not cheating, why would you restart just because the clock was wrong. =S
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    Shaymin Event HELP!

    I thought the Diamond and Pearl events have been and gone already? Thought I missed them, but managed to get it on Platinum. =)