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    Whose side are you on?

    I would choose Team Aqua....i love water types
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    Most annoying Gym Leader?

    Norman was ruthlessly strong...i took 15 min to defeat his high hp slaking...
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    Favourite Music

    ur house...warming music
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    hardest legendary bird

    every bird was hard for me
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    Biiig mistake by GameFreak -_-'

    the ship can go underwater....
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    Too many Rockets in Silph co tower?

    Its good for leveling up but very annoying
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    Fondest memory from FrLg

    Kicking my rival's butt everytime i beat him...
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    Shedninja is sure...annoying...
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    Charizard, Outrage or Dragon Pulse

    Heat wave Air slash Dragon pulse Earthquake
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    Did you notice the Mystery of Sinnoh region

    Maybe arceus created the lake trio to keep balance of sinnoh region and created the dragon trio to control time space and distortion world....when arceus is sleeping...zzz
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    Annual Pokemon Exam '09

    i'll join...........
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    Is ghost type pokemon hatched from an egg?

    what do you think?
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    Ghost Pokemon - A Species or Ghosts of Pokemon Gone?

    ther ar like a soul....they won die??
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    legendary pokemon would only be 1 in the game
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    Do pokemon age inside inside pokeballs?

    how long will a ghost type pokemon live..........
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    Team Plans in General

    ferrarigatr,ampharos,xatu or pigeot,arcanine,tyranitar,ursaring
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    What will you do differently?

    i'll go with totodile,and pidgey with mareep
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    New Form Speculation

    coffin rotom can use dig.........