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  1. K

    Pokemon Moves

    Sandshrew can have the 1st move: Scratch. Parasect can have the 1st move: Bug Bite and 2nd move: Cross poison.
  2. K

    XP Grinding Guide

    Yes, though the 1000 would have been because it was the first time for that evolved form so you got a new pokedex entry. Evolving the same one again will just be 500 or 1000 with the egg.
  3. K

    Team Valor Hangout Thread

    I chose Valor because all the gyms in town were red already. Just spent the afternoon taking all 3 of the gyms in the next town over, although I doubt I'll be able to hold them long. I've yet to see a hint of yellow anywhere in the area, all red and blue so far.