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    Lunala and m mewtwo y deck

    it has done well so far when one m mewtwo is about to die just switch the energy(psychic) to another m mewtwo. Or lunala can lunar fall ex's . It has won multiple league matches.
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    How much is my neo genesis typhlosion 11/108 Hilo mint condition.
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    Lunala and m mewtwo y deck

    This is an idea that formed from going to the Vegas Sun and Moon prerelease. Please give suggestions. 2 lunala gx 66/149 2 cosmeom 65/149 2 cosmog 64/149 3 m mewtwo ex 64/162 3 mewtwo ex 52/108 2 bruxish 48/149 3 mewtwo spirit link 2 rare candy 3 trainers mail 3 mega turbo 4...