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    BGP was feeling rowdy ;)
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    I didn't know there was a skype group of any kind.

    I didn't know there was a skype group of any kind.
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    I got that thanks. Its kind of literally my first match and I'm just trying to get the hang of...

    I got that thanks. Its kind of literally my first match and I'm just trying to get the hang of things.
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    Edited. 10 chars

    Edited. 10 chars
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    Heatran@Air Balloon Flash Fire Timid 252 SPA 252 SPE 4 HP -Lava Plume -Ancient Power -Stealth Rock/Earth Power -Roar/Substitute This pick feels pretty obvious for me. We have nothing to fight off steels and counter scizor. The counter of choice is HEatran. Heatran can also take advantage of...
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    Serebii Team Showcase

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    XY OU Beatstick (Page One)

    Thanks for the rate. I like your Noivern set much better and will mke those changes right away. I had never worked with it so I kind of just guessed on the set.
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    ^^^ That's why we should use magnezone! Jk. I agree. Question: Is there any kind of achievements for the guild coming soon? Because I reached Page one on PO again today. EDIT: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?633757-XY-OU-Beatstick-(Page-One) New RMT out by me peeps, check it out...
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    XY OU Beatstick (Page One)

    Hello Again! This is Sheps back again with my most recent offensive concoction to get me to page one on the PO ladder. The team is exactly what you would think based on its name. An offensive team designed to simply beat the crap out of the opponent using pressure, momentum and synergy. What I...
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    We're coming Drac
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    You also missed my Magnezone nomination which I'm too lazy to go find.
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    Cipher Vs Black Ice

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    All information for the CCAT are on the first page. Tested Eric, won 5-0. Could use some help all around. http://i1305.photobucket.com/albums/s549/EliteknightTMP/Cipher/CipherThug.png
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    Well for starters you can get a test battle done. I can do PO and Danger and EK do PS. VM and set that up. Could also contribute to current CCAT or join Tour EK posted recently. Don't people read anymore.
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    Welcome to Neon and sparkbeat. Please feel free to join in on our rants
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    It's allowed on PO ladder where they aren't as ban happy...just sayin. The reason Smogon and PO are able to do things like Premier things and the world cup and things like that is because those forums cater to a more young adult audience where as Serebii caters more to kids imo. So you get more...
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    In, every single tournament should be like this imo.
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    Mosh Pit

    Serebii Username Sheps Timezone (GMT Format): -4
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    The Under

    That looks fantastic, thank you shadow :)