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  1. J

    What's the most recent ship you've got into?

    Oceanflowershipping (I think that's the name of it??) pokemon wise. As for other fandoms, I've gotta say Yuri on Ice's Viktuuri , and boy have I fallen for it hard lol
  2. J

    What languages do you speak other then your first language?

    French and German! (Although my French is objectively stronger) I'm also trying to teach myself Japanese and Irish, but because of exams and such time is limited.
  3. J

    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    Today I found out that I'm going to have to do my end of year German oral with a banging headache and a cold so bad it impedes on my ability to speak. Thanks immune system
  4. J

    Atheist & Agnostic Family

    Personally, I come from a religious household. I grew up in asia, so my parents were rather weary of where we were. As such, I had to attend church every Sunday until I was 9. Then, due to circumstance, I had to move in with my grandmother, who is a somewhat conservative Christian, so I went to...
  5. J

    What was the inspiration for your username?

    In a comic I'm writing/drawing, all of the characters are sections of the orchestra. The main characters are brass and Strings. Put them together and you get Jazzy Strings.
  6. J

    The Student Lounge Thread.

    ack at school on Tuesday, not looking forward to that. Oh well, this term should e fun. I've got both French (Home and away leg) and German (home leg) exchanges so that's alright. And I got selected for my school's coast 2 coast running team so I have a rigorous 3 month long training regime to...
  7. J

    Things you like about yourself

    I'm very proud of my ability to pick up languages with a considerable amount of ease. I'm also quite proud of my hair ahaha
  8. J

    The NEW Artist's Corner [Images over 500 KB]

    Hi all, it's EpicJirachiFan. I had a username change, so I'm Jazzy-Strings now ^^ Anyway, I'm sorry for not being around for so long, things happened, and ORAS came out (I was avoiding spoilers like the plague) Since I last posted, things have changed quite a it for me art wise. I'm now...
  9. J

    Atheist & Agnostic Family

    Hello! May I join? I'm not really an agnostic atheist, nor an agnostic theist. More of an agnostic agnostic? If that makes sense... I'm kinda open minded about both sides, ut I can't ring myself to have a definitive answer on which one is right or wrong ahah
  10. J

    The NEW Artist's Corner [Images over 500 KB]

    Woah Bru that's awesome!! I've been doing some things too. One of which is a redraw of an old pokespec picture. (Redrawn from this) Mikan Tsumiki And some girls from the new hetalia update I've been doing quite a bit of traditional style experaments, but due to technical...
  11. J

    Name Changes Thread

    Current Username: epicjirachifan New Username: Jazzy-Strings
  12. J

    The PokeSpe Club

    :D Who is your favorite characters from pokespe and why? I've always loved Sapphire. Probably because, at the time I found PokeSpec, I could relate to her more than anyone else. I also really love Platina, and her charater development. What do you like most about Adventures? The characters...
  13. J

    The Music & Musicians Alliance *New and Improved Music Club*

    @xDIRCIOx Percussion heck yeah!!! Anyway, sorry for inactivity... Band started up again for me and my teacher has been really annoying me. She keeps reffering to the drum kit as 'percussion' when she doesn't include me and its so annoying if she wants to say percussion she better mean both of...
  14. J

    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    Which character in your fic is your favourite to write about? Oh wow that's really tough... But I think in my current Pokemon fic (Kyogre Blue) I really love writing Celebii. She's very sarcastic and sassy, borderline rude, but she just feels so fun to write. Of course, she's not all bad, she...
  15. J

    The Music & Musicians Alliance *New and Improved Music Club*

    None of the people who played the french horn in the band I used to be in could play at the appropriate range and/or they were out of tune. They would always either blame it on someone else (eg Trumpets or Euphoniums) or tell me to play louder so I could drown them out. Still, both the Bass...
  16. J

    The Music & Musicians Alliance *New and Improved Music Club*

    Username: epicjirachifan What instruments you play? (If none put "none or N/A"): I play Piano, a bit of Organ, and a lot of orchestral percussion with a focus on Xylophone and Timpani. Why are you joining the club?: Because I love music, and would love to meet more musicians. Would you be...
  17. J

    The NEW Artist's Corner [Images over 500 KB]

    Just as a note, my tumblr URL has changed from what it is in the OP, it's now jazzy-strings EDIT: My deviantART username has also changed from what it is in the OP, it's now also jazzy-strings In other news, some new things WARNING: MORE BIG IMAGES AND POSSIBLE EYE STRAIN ON THE FIRST PICTURE...
  18. J

    The NEW Artist's Corner [Images over 500 KB]

    Have you had experience with commissions before? If so, how was it? I've wanted to do commissions for so long but I've never had any interest. I keep putting notes up about it on my dA but never get anything. I guess I don't have enough people who'd be interested following me, but I keep...
  19. J

    Dædric Design ✠

    Thank you so much it looks AMAZING