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  1. J

    Shin Megami Tensei Thread

    And no one has pointed out that Persona Q is basically Etrian Odyssey with Persona characters. Not that that's a bad thing, since Etrian Odyssey games are by Altus and Amazing. Speaking of FFXIII, anyone see the resemblance to Ken and Shinjiro/Hope and Snow?
  2. J

    Official News Thread - Misc To Replace CNN

    King (makers of Candy crush) have now copyrighted the words 'Candy' and 'Saga' and filed hypocritical lawsuits against the makers of The Banner Saga and All Candy casino Slots. Hypocritical? BECAUSE THEY ALSO TAKEN DOWN THE GAME 'SCAMPERGHOST' for which they made a direct clone of called...
  3. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    Luke Skywalker got killed by Spock. Just let that sink in for a moment......
  4. J

    [OU]Help with my current 6th Gen Team

    Replace Umbreons Assurance with Feint Attack since it's 10bp higher and cant miss due to sand veil or acupressure evasion.
  5. J

    Share one lesson that you learned in life

    Concentrate when crossing a road because cars hurt, shoulda learnt that one after the 3rd time. Nope.
  6. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    Thank you! I...
  7. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    The meter is situated just above the attack command, on the command menu. This could mean things like the the roller coaster work like command styles from bbs. I suddenly had an image of a shadow of the collosus world. That would be EPIC. but impossibely unlikely.
  8. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    Im double posting because of a lack of activity for TWO WEEKS!!!! Anyone noticed that a small meter goes down over time when Sora is fighting the rock titan? AND DOES THIS MEAN WE'LL HAVE AN ACTUAL HERCULES STORY?! I'd love to fight the wind and lava collosi!
  9. J

    Pokémon-amie Thread

    They heal themselves through SHEER LOVE AND WILLPOWER. THAT IS EPIC!
  10. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    Does this mean.....COMMAND STYLES!? WOOHOO!!!! :D
  11. J

    General Characters/Storyline Thread

    Mate, have you completed the Looker questline? That is the single most best side-quest in almost any game (not made by square enix).
  12. J

    Trainer Customization Thread

    WHAT!? The girls get TRENCH COATS!? Oh, MAN!
  13. J

    Official X & Y Help Thread

    Where do you find the protector (hold item to evolve ryhdon) in the lost hotel? Been Bugging a friend for ages.
  14. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    -_- schools back which means no challenge, sigh.....I might be crazy but I just beat demyx with no abilities. And was he FUN! The suspense and difficulty was thrown through the roof and the only times I died were to his desperation move. And being chained by his zero gear limit combo.
  15. J

    4th Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    So guys, heading into pokemon platinum and I want a REALLY difficult challenge so This is also kind of a Nuzlocke. I will want a total of 12 Pokemon complete with restrictions, if one faints then it dies. It's also going to be a sleeplocke (must play until I fall asleep, I have one chance). Now...
  16. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    Woah woah woah!!!!! Xemnas in DDD is tough?! In my view, his predictable moveset and Counter rush makes him cakewalk! ALSO. Holidays are nearing the end AND NO ONE has done a challenge :p. Strongly annoyed at this. So I give those with 1.5 an Ultimatum. Challenge: Muscle Memory needed...
  17. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    Last I heard, reveals by Tetsuya Noramu said that he was going to link it's story to the main series, and give it major elements for the kh-verse. I'm currently level 57.
  18. J

    Twewy! In your signature! Awesome!

    Twewy! In your signature! Awesome!
  19. J

    What was the inspiration for your username?

    Take a guess as to what my first name is. I was called a pokemon freak at primary school by friends who were annoyed at my near perfect win-loss ratio to them, it then kinda became my online name.
  20. J

    Kingdom Hearts: The Club of Oblivion

    Anyone here play KH chi? just curious.