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    Elite 4

    I can't even describe how much of a pain Ghetsis was. The Elite 4 was pretty easy my first time through, as was N (though less so). The Elite 4 the second time was a lot easier than I was expecting it to be. Shantaul was actually somewhat difficult (she was the first one I battled, since I...
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    Are you playing as boy or girl?

    Hilda/female/scientist/careful Look how creative I am.
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    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    kill it with fire Definitely seconding the movement for more fire-types. There were a few okay fire-types in gen 3, but there were basically none in gen 4, and the ones people use today are still pretty much all from 1 and 2. Personally I hope we'll be getting some good bug-types, and...
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    Team Plans in General

    things you don't care about My current (and very temporary--I have 7 badges as it stands) team: Typhlosion Pidgeot Onix Ampharos Kingler Togetic The onix is going to evolve as soon as I get the chance to do so, obviously. The togetic isn't working out too well for me, so when I get the...
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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    issues with Claire I've got a question. I've reached the Blackthorn gym, but my pokémon's levels are too low to be able to have a good chance of beating Claire. I could theoretically go down to route 45/Dark Cave and train until my hands bleed, but the pokémon there are at such low levels that...
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    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    I don't want to see the same boring Kanto we saw in GSC. I want them to keep the Kanto post-game access, but there need to be more events there. It felt exactly like wandering around in RBY after beating the game, except that you could battle the gym leaders. As I recall, the only real event was...
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    Breeding to Change the Appearance of HGSS' Egg Pokemon?

    At first I wasn't sure whether this was actually plausible, since the number of combinations are absolutely mind-boggling. But I think they could easily pull this off if the baby's appearance was affected by the egg group of their parent rather than which individual pokemon their parent was. It...
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    CONFIRMED Info Discussion Topic-- CoroCoro/Famitsu/Pokemon Sunday

    Looks from the screenshots like they're finally going to make some good use out of the bottom screen. I always thought that the poketch was a really poor use of the bottom screen outside of battle. Putting the menu there is a much better idea.
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    I think I'll go with cyndaquil. I did when I played through Crystal but I'll do it this time too, just because I can. It has nothing to do with what starters Gold, Silver and Crystal got in the manga. Noooo, nothing at all.
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    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    I was really surprised they didn't keep the old female trainer. Crys was cute. :( I really do like the new character's design, though, which is nice. I think I'll go with the male character like I was planning to. 'Cause I always pick female.
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    Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

    I don't plan on importing, but I might in the off chance that something is announced that suddenly means I OMG HAVE TO HAVE IT. But since I already played Crystal, that's probably not going to happen. I'll get Heart Gold because...I don't know, the name sounds gayer?
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    Major Pokémon game to be announced this month / Temporary Discussion of GSDS Remake

    OH GEE, I WONDER WHAT THIS GAME MIGHT BE. If it is a GS remake like it probably will be, they'd better hurry up and announce it so people will stop saying everything means OMG GS REMAKE OLOLOL. Oh, and I'd play it, too. On the off chance it's a new Ranger game, though, I might die of...
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    Oh, sorry, I thought I'd already replied. >.> Yeah, I read it. I loved how in-character both...

    Oh, sorry, I thought I'd already replied. >.> Yeah, I read it. I loved how in-character both Harley and Haruka were. Seeing as I've got an account on fanfiction.net, I might leave a comment there too...
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    Fire Emblem Shippings General Discussion

    FE is wonderful awlekgj I was in the middle of making a FE thread when you posted this I love both FE and its ships to death. It makes me ridiculously happy to see a thread for it here. ♥ The support system in particular is awesome for shippers, because you get to choose what's canon...
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    Some small forum updates

    Alt. Shipping: best thing ever. I was so tired of non-Pokemon ship threads getting overlooked in favor of Pokemon ones. Thank you, mods! ♥
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    New Ending Info

    I don't really get what you're saying. Are you saying that you thought I wanted to know what the point of the ED was? I get the point of it, and I've got nothing against it. I know it's to advertise the pichus. I kind of wonder what the pichus will be doing in the movie, though. It looks as...
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    Should Moves be double typed?

    That doesn't make any sense. Why should a move's type have anything to do with the pokemon using it? The move's nature by itself is what needs to be taken into account when considering what type it is. Only one or two singe-type moves depend on their user's type, so why should double-types...
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    Pokemon Life Expectancy

    Yeah they do. What about the Lavender Tower or whatever in RBY and Mt. Pyre in RSE? It's explicitly stated that those graves are for pokemon. Kyogre and Groudon were said to have created the continents and ocean in a battle eons ago, and you can capture them in-game, so Cthulhu-punching aside...
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    New Ending Info

    Sure it's a marketing ploy, but when you think about it, the entire anime is one for the games, so what's new there? As for the actual ending, it's really nothing special, but I don't dislike it. Also, apparently the notched-ear pichu is a girl. o.o For some reason I found that surprising.
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    Will every Pokemon have an evolution?

    Personally, I hope that every pokemon doesn't end up with an evolution. Sometimes it's nice to go back and add something on to an old pokemon that was really popular by giving it an evolution, but some are just better by themselves, in my opinion. The problem with some pokemon is they'd end up...