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    Desert Colossus (Mixed Tier)

    tenchar ftw
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    Two singles here. Umbreon@Leftovers Sassy 252 HP / 176 SpDef / 80 Def -Curse -Wish -Payback -Toxic Just a little change from Smogon. EVs give it even more bulk. Salamence@Choice Scarf Naive 252 Spd / 176 SpAtt / 80 Att or 252 Spd / 252 SpAtt / 4 Att -Earthquake -Dragon Pulse...
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    I don't know. I need more people to join it. If some people don't join, I'll just end it.

    I don't know. I need more people to join it. If some people don't join, I'll just end it.
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    No one rates out of ten. If your looking for that go somewhere else. If you're going to use hidden power, run a scarf, as ScarfCross will be outrunning you, which is the only thing it will be useful for.
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    This has been working great for me, It has actually swept a whole team!
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    All New UU Team

    Go with Honchkrow, as you need a way to stop CM Mismagius after Raikou and Azumarill go down, I believe. I'm not that great at UU, so thats all the advice I can give you.
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    Yep, another sandstorm team.

    I've no need for protect on Vappy. I can usually sleep Skarmory, then T-Tar can set up and 3/4HKO with Brick Break if I calculated correctly.
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    Yep, another sandstorm team.

    OK, so I'm getting my DS soon, and I am able to return to the competitive battling stage! Anyway, here is the team I am going to use. Lead - Gengar@Focus Sash Timid 4 HP/252 SpA/ 252 Speed -Thunderbolt -Shadow Ball -Hidden Power (Water) -Sucker Punch Works better than you'd think...
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    Yes, but I have Hypnosis to sleep Scizor, other Zongs, Skarmory and Lucario. I have Toxic to annoy Non-Steels and anything that resists Steel or is slow, like Blissey.
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    If I use Hippowdon as my Stealth Rocker, then I will replace it with Explosion. Otherwise, I 'need' Stealth Rock.
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    Here is a special wall I made: Bronzong@Leftovers Sassy 252 HP / 252 SpDef / 4 Def - Stealth Rock - Gyro Ball - Toxic / Hypnosis - Hypnosis / Explosion / Rest / Psychic EVs: I just wanted to max out special defense, because I have Hippowdon to take Physical hits. I am also think...
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    Which Pokemon can't you train because you don't have the patience?

    For me it's Gyrados. As soon as I'm at level 15-17, I can't go on anymore. Which Pokemon don't you have the patience to train?
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    The biggest problems for that set are Metagross, Empoleon and the much-less-used-now-a-day Weavile, as anything with priority moves screw you completely. Other than that, the only problems I see are against weather leads. I would, however, put a priority move like Sucker Punch, so you can kill...
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    Larvitar SHINE!

    Bans and Infractions say hello. Reno, sorry for this reply, but threads like this tick me off.
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    Which Pokemon Won You The Pokemon League?

    Believe it or not, on my first run through Pearl, I swept Cynthia with a level 55-60 (Don't recall) Bastiodon. None of her pokemon could really do anything to it, while I used Flash Cannon, Earthquake, Rock Slide and I believe Strength to destroy. I know, it's a bit weird.
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    OU Sand Stall

    Umm... Crunch and Brick Break gets almost perfect coverage. It's the Blue Ace T-Tar, and it does wonders. Rest-Talk is great. If you don't get this set, go read up on how to create competitive Pokemon battle. Also, on your T-Tar, if you keep it move some SpDef Evs over to Defense, as you already...
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    Defensive Wall / Hazer Hippowodon@Leftovers Impish 252 Hp / 252 Def \ 252 Hp / 172 Def / 78 Att - Stealth Rock / Crunch / Stone Edge - Roar - Toxic - Earthquake Evs: 1 - Just a basic 252 / 252 / 4 set, takes hits on the physical side incredibly well. 2 - This Set allows me to hit...
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    Competitive battle discussion

    If it is, I will edit this post so to store all of our best sets for certain Pokemon. I'll start. Note: If you have sets you think worthy, post them in the Singles Area. If they are good and people that have a good Rep deem them worthy, I will consider adding them to this list. Blue Ace's...
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    OU Sand Stall

    Tyranitar@Leftovers 252 HP / 40 Def / 216 SpD Careful -Brick Break -Crunch -Rest -Sleep Talk A much better Bulky T-Tar, IMO.