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    GWSC- Week #11 "Evolution brought to the next level"

    Yes Raxzer, anyone can enter. The point of the contest is to encourage all spriters to create, so go on and join in!
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    GWSC-Week #9 "Can't beat em', so join em'"

    last minute, yeah!
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    GWSC-Week #8 Poll

    Noobiess gets it this week. The shading seems so professional, like it is art that came out for the Pokemon. Sure, it's not the most intimidating Pokemon like Infernape or Lucario, but the execution is just so nicely done that it deserves a vote or two.
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    my custom fusemons!!!!

    Another thing to mention: Never, EVER, resize parts. It makes them look awfully messy and really throws of the splice. This one seems to suffer from that, as you have these stray pixels there again. The faces aren't fused well at all, making it look almost slapped on top of Miltank's face. And a...
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    my custom fusemons!!!!

    1. The obvious problem here is that you haven't recolored every last pixel. That needs to be first if you're going to go and fuse. Otherwise it'll look messy and not consistent. Second is the haphazardly placed wings; they do not connect to the back at all and the one on our right is just melded...
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    GWSC-Week 7 poll

    Gonna give it to Lucario9. Simple, yet it fits together very nicely.
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    GWSC-Week #7 "Backseat driver"

    Shinies have back sprites, so why not use em?
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    GWSC-Week #7 "Backseat driver"

    Jdrawer, I'm sure that'd be allowed. The only real rules are to make use of back sprites, and have them be from B/W versions.
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    GWSC-Week 6 poll

    I'll have to, once again, give my vote to jadeVelocity. Not only for the nice scratch work and recoloring, but also because he used the Pokemon I was planning on using for this contest (which I failed to enter in time due to spacing out.) Anywho, good luck everyone!
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    Should I start spriting again?

    I would highly recommend that you get back into spriting. That is, if you have the time and will for it. It's a fun hobby, I'm sure you can agree on that. It is time consuming though. Plus, if you're looking to better your skills at it, the best way is to keep it up! I can attest to coming back...
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    GWSC-Week #6 "More gales of darkness"

    This week should be redone as making one of the kami trio a shadow pokemon. It'd be such a tough one to judge.
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    GWSC-Week 5 poll

    Vote goes to jade once again: I like the bulky look to Gallade here, and it's easy to tell that it's single Pokemon being fused with itself.
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    GWSC-Week #2 "Double Trouble"

    You do have a point there. I had to scour my brain for a pokemon that would look good with itself. Before this I made what looked like a dinosaur Corsola, so the challenge this week really is a bit tougher.
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    GWSC-Week #2 "Double Trouble"

    Oh, radical! Thanks jade! For the strangest reason only the black outline was being turned transparent, even though I was clicking the white portion. Also, nice fusion and another also: why are there so little entries this time around? It's nearly Sunday and there seems to be a lack of spriters...
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    GWSC-Week #2 "Double Trouble"

    I apologize for the white background; I couldn't get it transparent and iaza was removing the black instead of that pesky background. So yes, two Corsola's fused to make this alien looking thingy. Each part is either scratched from a spliced off part of Corsola or just the part itself. Yay.
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    GWSC-Week #2 "Double Trouble"

    Ah, I've really missed the WSC. Radical that I won! Anywho, I have a question: is resizing of parts allowed? Or is it only what we have at our disposal.
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    GWSC-Week 4 poll

    Jade has my vote. The scratch work is done very nicely, although the face seems a bit scrunched. This is probs due to the limited space actually available there, but kudos on a good sprite nonetheless!
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    GWSC-Week #4 "Dude Looks like a lady"

    Is full on scratch work allowed on this? Or does it have to be just an edit of the base sprite we choose?
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    GWSC-Week 3 Poll

    The color palettes are so bright! Votes go to Digit, Jade Velocity, and brutaka. I believe these have the most significant changes to them, giving them the look of a different type. So kudos to all and good luck!
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    GWSC-Week #3 "From Hell to Heaven"

    Fairies come in all shapes and sizes. The stereotypical link with wings is but one: there are gnomes, sprites, and imps. So I chose to do an elf themed Fairy retype of Scrafty! Plus, it's my first time in ages posting here, so yey.