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  1. Kein

    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    Speak for yourself. I prefer Giselle to the Paldea characters. Liko seems to be a Paldea student to begin with, so Roy might be an exchange student from Kanto. A rivalry between the two schools would be nice.
  2. Kein

    Did any one like it better when the series wasn’t so obsessed with the first series?

    Hmm, that's what we got in PM2019 and many people complained about the lack of depth. Do you just want shallow fan service in spades? We have that in the reserves. This mini series should be about Ash realizing what he wants to do for the rest of his life. The only mentors he ever really had...
  3. Kein

    Do you wants Ash to catch Mewtwo from movie 1 in the remaining episodes?

    If Ash lets Mewtwo roam, okay. But then what's the point? I want Giovanni to catch Mewtwo (which didn't happen originally) so that Ash defeats and saves Mewtwo with TRio's help. Yes, it would be similar to Mewtwo Returns, but this time a battle would be involved and Team Rocket would finally be...
  4. Kein

    Did any one like it better when the series wasn’t so obsessed with the first series?

    BW's sales were fine. They were released when the 3DS was right around the corner. Masuda did learn that a "fresh start" (really just in terms of the Pokedex) wasn't what most fans wanted, which is fine. It's Game Freak and TPCi who prioritize Kanto (for logical reasons), not the anime. SV...
  5. Kein

    Old Characters in "Aim to Be a Master"

    Cilan is one of the few companions who didn't return last year, along with Misty, Tracey, May and Max. I expect to finally see Tracey in a voiced role, but the latter two are problematic due to Kaori. The slew of companions who already came back don't have much left to offer. If anything, it's...
  6. Kein

    January 13th: MPM01 - The Wind of Beginnings! The Eon Path!!

    No one said that they will travel through regions. Most of his Pokemon are in Kanto or are easy to transfer. No other companions have been hinted at.
  7. Kein

    Are you content with Chloe and Goh technically being his final canon companions?

    The only time Go caught a Pokemon he didn't deserve was Golurk. Suicune was only caught to restore its health, while Eternatus was a joint effort (which was needed). Go's real accomplishments were Scyther, Flygon, Aerodactyl, Absol, Kingdra and Regieleki. I wish we'd seen more of them. Anyway...
  8. Kein

    What's next for YOU in this franchise?

    I am not going anywhere, but I only buy games that interest me (PLA and SV as opposed to SwSh and BDSP) and the same goes for watching the anime. I actually watched Journeys more than it really deserved, but I appreciated the PWC and Project Mew as goals. I'm hoping that the current writers do...
  9. Kein

    The Writing Was On The Wall Re: Journeys series

    I dislike how Ash didn't use a single reserve (except for Infernape against Moltres), but the mini series will at the very least have him interact with them for more than a few seconds. Maybe there will be a big showdown. Team Rocket need closure.
  10. Kein

    New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023

    And either way, I think that the animators are tired from battles. It would be nice to see all of Ash's Pokemon storm Team Rocket's HQ, though.
  11. Kein

    If Journeys was the final appearances of companions (for a very long time) how did you feel about it?

    Iris and Lillie were handled well. Sophocles and Serena got nice episodes, too. Dawn came back (again and again) for marketing with zero progress. Looking forward to seeing Misty and Brock in the mini series.
  12. Kein

    The Future I Seize (1223)

    Mew was being fine until Asahi and Tsurugi overreacted to its attempt to calm down the fossil Pokemon. It's clear that they bought into the "Mew is a demon" theory, while Go always thought of it as a very potent and mischievous angel. Mew probably doesn't see anything wrong with landing strong...
  13. Kein

    Does anyone else NOT mind if Ash leaves for good after Journeys?

    I want the anime to end after a strong finale. The idea of Ash doing gyms again is horrendous.
  14. Kein

    December 16th: PM2019 136 - Satoshi and Go! Setting Off Anew!!

    Even this episode is not being billed as a finale, so I don't know why people are still talking about a new series instead of a direct continuation.
  15. Kein

    So how much do y’all think the PWC is going to be referenced in the new *possible* series?

    That was not a trailer... It's just a short for game promotion, not unlike the Alain ones (not the specials) for the ORAS Megas back in the day. The art style is unchanged from the current series, too. Remind me again why people think that a new series hasn't been this announced this late...
  16. Kein

    Does any one really want Goh to catch Mew?

    No. I like Go, but I don't think that he has earned that privilege (it's a good that he released Suicune, too). Also, I think that Ash is stuck in a rut now, so it's better for Go not to accomplish his goal so soon. It also seems that Mew is not too fond of Project Mew as a whole, and I can...
  17. Kein

    September 2nd: PM2019 123 - The Semifinals II: Dazzle

    The Leon vs. Diantha battle isn't a two-parter, so... It had better be 3vs3.
  18. Kein

    Isle Coronis

    https://coronis-pksp.com/ Discuss Coronis' new fansite here. It's a love letter to the Adventures manga; I assume that his goal is to at least adapt the RGB arc.
  19. Kein

    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Like the Mega forms that were never explained.