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    Official Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Help Thread

    I am aware Legendaries respawn after you KO or run away from them if you defeat the E4 again, but do their natures and IVs remain unchanged, or are those reset, too?
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    Ask a Question Thread 4.0!

    Well, I caught a Mesprit and its nature is Timid. According to a site you all most likely know, the best set for a Timid Mesprit is the Calm Mind Boltbeaming one, with the EVs distributed the following way: 252 HP / 56 Def / 200 Spe. My dilemma starts here; I don’t really wish to make it an...
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    Trophy Garden in Platinum

    As you know, the Trophy Garden Pokemon (national dex) stay in the garden in Diamond/Pearl for as long as you wish provided you do not speak to Backlot. I know this because I've already had Eevee and Porygon for months and months and months. My question is: is this the same in Platinum? Or...
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    ~*~ Official Claim a Pokémon Thread ~*~

    Mesprit - Cammi - August 8th, 2008
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    How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

    I was probably nine when I got Yellow version.
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    Member x Member Shippings

    DrunkenEmotionShipping: Cammi x Mr. Yoshi Yeah, he's mah pair. I represent Mesprit, and he represents the drunken panda, Spinda. Hence the name.
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    SPPF Bishie Thread v.4

    CLAIMING MY BISHIE~ Mesprit/Emuritto from Pokemon - Cammi (3/7/08) Thanks.
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    Eeveelution Evolution, version 6!

    What type of Eevee Evolution do you think they will create next? Or, if they will create another one at all? Well, I've been thinking that there won't be any at all, and probably the next generation after the 5th (if there even is one) they'll create another two. Kinda like 2nd > 4th > 6th...
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    Signature check, please. There's a link to the profile of the one who made my banner there. Thanks.
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    Love the Shinou Eeveelutions!!

    And you call yourself unexperienced? Heh, they're really cute. Gotta love the innocent look on Glaceon's face. Leafeon looks good as well. I like the uncolored paws, even though you stated there you just forgot to color them. Getting rid of certain things or colors in some of them small...
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    I've heard about this very lucky yet very unlucky event, only that I never knew I'd experience it. ;_; I was looking for the 7th shiny Larvitar, and on one radar reset, TWO shiny patches showed up! One on the corner and the other one sorrounded by grass. I obvously went for the latter...
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    Using a laptop at Mexico right now. I couldn't inform that I was going away before because the forums died on me. -__- Anyway, Mexico is the land of shinies. Officially. During the nights I have nothing better to do than chaining, and I've managed to get a nice amounts of shinies I've always...
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    I've been on a SR'ing spree since I woke up, but shiny Uxie still refuses to appear. I've been thinking on taking a break to progress on Pearl, as I want to SR for Palkia...but I'm too addicted to the shiny pixie to do so. Dx Shine for me, Uxie. Shine!
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    When you start your game, you're assigned two 16-bits IDs (Which explains why you cannot get an ID starting with 7, 8 or 9) Now, the first ID is the one you can see on your trainer card, pokemon page summary, etc, while the other one cannot be seen; it's a "hidden ID". Translating them into...
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    Eeveelution Evolution, version 6!

    @Chatsy: Damn....damndamndamndamn. ;____;lkjhaskldhf -all she has to say- And I'm having trouble deciding what should I evolve one of my shiny Eevees to. I want Umbreon SO bad because of the rings, yet it's a Timid nature, which is good for Espeon or Jolteon (and I prefer Espeon)... but then...
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    Say, guys... what's the average number of months/weeks you spend SR'ing before finding a shiny? And kinda late, but congrats on the Combee, Afriscot. I'm sorry to hear it's a male, though, but hey, it's still a cool shiny! Hopefully the next one will be a female one. ^^
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    Switched from Azelf to Uxie, as I like Uxie better than Azelf. ^^;; So right now I'm SR'ing for both shiny Uxie and Torchic. I'm thinking that maybe I should change my ID at Emerald, but I'm not sure! I really love my current ID. T^T (55592)
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    I haven't chained lately. Mostly because I've been focusing on my SR'ing targets. It's gonna be a week since I started hunting shiny Azelf and probably a month since I started going after Torchic. They'll shine soon, pretty soonahljkshdflhñadfhg. >O And congratulations on everyone's newest...
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    The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

    Congratz on the Shiny Torchic, ScorpionX! Like...how many soft resets after the shiny Poochyena appeared? You're so lucky! As for me... Third shiny Ponyta plus shiny patch. Shiny Swablu. Shiny Patch not included. And currently uploading a video of me catching a shiny Porygon at a chain...
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    *~.::Bird Pokemon Club::.~*

    Oh gawd, blame me. I've been too lazy to check if SPPf loaded or not. >< -is attacked by several killer balloons- What do you like most about your favorite Bird Pokemon? What do I like the most about Swellow? Its shiny version, of cou- -hit with a hammer- I'm a shiny freak, so don't ask...