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  1. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    First playthrough of Violet done with full Pokedex complete. Team: Meowscarada, Gardevoir, Ceruledge, Paldean Tauros, Oricorio, Glimmora. Glimmora is insanely good, and I'd rate it as the MVP. Game is good, but the "where to go next" hint system had me going to places where I shouldn't have...
  2. Commander L. Halsti

    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    Looking for: Oranguru, Deino, Larvitar. I can trade: Salamence, Dragonite, Dragalge,, Armarouge, Froakie...
  3. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus - Recent Happenings Thread

    I finished the game today. It is a good concept, but I wish I had known about the boss battle system. For me, a person affected by a disability that impacts the function of one hand, this game was unfortunately, a trap. I most likely won't play this again.
  4. Commander L. Halsti

    Translation and localization of Pokemon into other languages- process

    I've always been a language enthusiast. Thus, it's no wonder I was amazed to find out, already a long time ago, that Pokemon had different names in France, Germany, Japan, and the Anglosphere. My country had a dub, and for that dub, Pokemon moves had to be creatively translated. The process of...
  5. Commander L. Halsti

    Which pokemon would you like to own?

    Gallade. I feel weak due to my disability, and perhaps a protective Pokemon would help me feel better. Also- Heal Pulse might be able to fix me up?
  6. Commander L. Halsti

    Gameplay Mechanics - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Question: are there boss battles where dodging is crucial, like in Legends: Arceus? This mechanic is so problematic for me (I'm disabled) that I'll most likely skip Scarlet/Violet if it's present.
  7. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - HELP THREAD (Don't ask about Victini)

    I wanted to do a run of Shield with a team including an Appletun. Some forums claim that Dappled grove can have Sweet Apples as pick up items. Bulbapedia doesn't state this. Is it possible to actually get a Sweet Apple in Dappled Grove, or am I wasting my time waiting for the item to spawn near...
  8. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon LEGENDS: Arceus - HELP THREAD [Ask your questions here]

    This question is weird, but has anyone with a physical disability affecting fine control of fingers/hand bought this game, (obviously not knowing there'd be dodging mechanics)? I cannot play the game as most people can- I'm also on the smaller Switch Lite, which isn't of the right shape to allow...
  9. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon BDSP - Recent Happenings Thread

    I've beaten the E4 and went through aqll the in-game areas. My team was Empoleon, Vespiquen, Rhydon, Machamp, Rotom, Jynx. Not having a Fairy move for Spiritomb, or a proper Grass type really made the E4 a hassle.
  10. Commander L. Halsti

    Secrets of the Jungle (23)

    After so many years, and a general trend of Pokemon being lighter (less serious), events in this movie were a mighty surprise. I mean- actual murder was revealed to have happened! Is it just me, or did the whole conflict of a mecha and the Zarude tribe act as a nod to the Nattle on Endor? I...
  11. Commander L. Halsti

    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]

    Looking for: Murkrow, Stunky, Mime Jr. Can trade: Misdreavus, Bonsly, Shieldon.
  12. Commander L. Halsti


    Looking for: Turtonator I have Drampa, Milotic, Dragonite, Tyrantrum, Regieleki, Charmander, Duraludon....
  13. Commander L. Halsti

    Things that grind your gears!

    I don't understand why rival encounters are most often must-win battles. Such as those against Hop. He's not going to destroy Galar if the player loses to him, yet the game still pretends as if his win didn't happen, and you have to redo the fight.
  14. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    First playthrough of Shield done (I'm at the post-game save). Quite an intriguing game, with an exhaustive Pokedex. And apparently, there's more stuff to do. Crown Tundra's waiting. Inteleon, Orbeetle, Boltund, Runerigus, Galarian Weezing and Galarian Darmanitan (Zen) survived the game. It's a...
  15. Commander L. Halsti

    Looking for a Galarian Darumaka w/ Inner Focus

    Trade done with dark_murasame
  16. Commander L. Halsti

    Looking for a Galarian Darumaka w/ Inner Focus

    I am looking for an Inner Focus Galarian Darumaka to ensure a Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan. Nature or IV-s do not matter. It is intended for a story playthrough of Shield. In return, I can give a Scyther w/Metal Coat, Rhydon w/ Protector, Haunter, Togekiss, Galarian Rapidash, Lunatone, Politoed...
  17. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    I have already started the run, but thank you anyway.
  18. Commander L. Halsti

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    Just got Pokemon Shield today. I have in mind a team, except for the starter. Would Intelleon or Rillaboom be better alongside a team of: Orbeetle, Boltund, Runerigus, Galarian Darmanitan, Galarian Weezing?
  19. Commander L. Halsti

    Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!! (1089)

    After getting used to an environment, having the arc end does bring sadness. Even though the oldest, Rocket-diehard part of me dislikes Ash winning anything. I do not know how does a Galar Pokedex work, but I think I'll miss RotomDex.
  20. Commander L. Halsti

    What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 6 playthroughs? Any good memories?

    Second Omega Ruby playthrough: Blaziken, Aggron, Altaria, Cacturne, Starmie, Froslass. Mega evolutions are quite fun, and they make me retry some Pokemon I thought I knew well.