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    GDE's palette thread :O

    Very nice work here... I've never actually seen Palettes in this magnitude before, and so I have no right to give legit critique. I really like the recent ones. I do have a comment though, On the starmie's that make up the first post - you have looooads of stray pixels around their outlines...
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    Pokemon: Eon Version

    Okay, you have a semi-decent story line halfway constructed. What that amounts to? Nothing. You have the startings of an idea, not near a piece of work yet. So why did you make a thread? I don't believe this is appropriate for the sprite forum... Hell, I don't want your thread closed tho. Not...
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    The sprites that /I/ made.

    "I have an idea where I just troll around and say exactly what other people said already!" Yup. That's me. ALLLLL DAYYYY!!!! Anyway, Very nice son. Look legit. Look official. Look some other cool words too. Yami's right about the pot handle. Needs like a rounded grip shape to give it some...
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    Rapidly Distorted Sprites.

    Yeah, I'm double posting. On my own thread :[ But I wanna revive it. Really bad. It's my fault it died, for not having new material to post for a while. But I got some now. Please help me by leaving a post: anything will do! C+C appreciated, cUz i s0x @ spRtng yo. A Rainbow display of...
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    Jake's back. :D

    Damn son, you are wicked at this sprite thing. And sure, i'll be regarded as a "troll" or just ignored as some loser who happened to post here, but like many have said, how can you have much crit for these? Obviously Yami loves being right and always has crit for everyone, but she's touched on...
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    The Shrunken Champion Poll

    Wilycoyote gets muh vote. The most Epic trainer pose I've ever seen. Awesome job everyone.
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    I have RETURNED!!!

    The hood on the trainer sprite is much too large in the back mainly. I understand DP trainers and pokemon trainers in general have large heads, but not that large. And we can look past bad things pokemon has done, can't we? The sprite of the moded crasher wake with black anime hair... Puke...
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    WhiteLegend's 5th Gen (In-Progress)

    Ohmygod! These are too scary too be pokemon!! Are you joking?! Lulz, just keddeng bout that. Really tho, You could tone it down a little.. if you think about it this way, It almost looks like from start to finish all thats happeneing is the little doll is slowly exploding outward with fire...
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    Yes, the guy with spriter in his name has a sprite thread!

    Bahaha Normal type Umbreon? Think you mean Elongated Eevee. Yes, Of course I know what you meant, you used the umbreon sprite and made it normalblahblahblah... point is, you coulda done better than exact eevee copy. And on the Roserade trumpet playing Chao - Notes are too big, or they get too...
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    Suzume tries some spriting

    Nice work on the new sprite, Tengoose. Name's pretty good. I'd suggest one, but I'm no good at that. Awkward bits- mos deff the pose as you said, And the shading isn't defined enough at all. looks quite flat. (Needs darker colors for the darker shades.) Lastly, left eye. Our left, not his...
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    Making Something the Color of a Forum Style is not Transparenting - Sprite Thread v5

    Dood, Ninjabait's Favorites. Madddd good son. Ok, C+c. Sup with Canadian Cactus's eyes? Clear that area up, very murky and jumbled. And his leg... look at his right leg (right for us.) It's got a huge bump on it! ?? I understand the concept behind Glaceon/Regice, but... Look at how awkward his...
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    WSC Week 21

    Don't make Kl change his sprite. Yami's right, at least for the parts I can understand :P And that thing could totally fly. Shadow of the Colossus anyone?
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    ::The Aeon Region

    Holy crap. Everything here Is soooo awesome I can't even tell ya. Wicked. Please continue work on this, everyone involved. Love to see more. Epic stuff. Love like all of your ideas too. I'm gonna continue staring at these sprites now lol
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    Team Equilibrium Sprites

    I'll tell you what i think... The masks are pretty ugly :/ And the region name shouldn't be the same as the Companies name... plus Quyonn's an ugly name. I'm sorry. Hope you keep trying, the sprites are quite good.
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    Rapidly Distorted Sprites.

    OMG ZOMFG OMGGGGEEEZZZ Two whole pages! lol. Just keddeng about that^ Well well well, more reviews. Thank you all. I'm really excited that this thread seems to be staying alive pretty well. Flame Master 14- Thanks! But I.. don't see how the purple leaves are flourescent, especially not...
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    Sprites, From a Dragon?

    Alright. Want some legit crit? Too bad, I don't care. You're gettin it. Grass Clown- What? No. If your goal for this thread is sprites that are "fun to look at", this guy just made you fail that goal. He's horribly ugly, reminds me more of a drug addict than a clown. Someone already mentioned...
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    Yes, the guy with spriter in his name has a sprite thread!

    lmao WPS... you sure love complaining. And arguing. Anyway, not the point. I'll give some legit crit. Swampert/Koffing- In the red sprite this part looks fine due to the white moustache, but in the normal colors the stache is yella, and it makes it confusing to seperate that from his arms. I...
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    Rapidly Distorted Sprites.

    Ahh, yes, darker shading on the balloons. I can see that. I just hesitate due to my insane and irrational love of the bright. Anyway, Thank You again Insidious Dreamer. I'm working on a Multi-Recolor Image, Hope to have it here by tonight. We'll See. And people, Please don't be afraid to leave...
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    Lishus13's Spriting Oasis

    Okay, Wowza. Glad I found you, you really rule at fusions. Maybe one of the best. No, deff one of the best. There's no way I could crit every one here, you've done so many it's unbelievable! But I will try to mention a bunch. The Gardellia fusion - super Epic. Looks real. There's a fusion on...
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    jirachi contest

    Requesting answer - This approved or not bro?