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  1. Janna

    What city or town would you live in?

    The Pokémon world is made up of many regions, each with their own unique cities and towns! Which one would you live in and why?
  2. Janna

    What game did you get your first shiny Pokémon in?

    Excluding the Red Gyarados in Crystal, what game did you get your first shiny Pokémon in? ✧・゚* Do you still have it?
  3. Janna

    My Hero Academia

    Oh seeing this thread is hecka great. Huge BNHA fan here, I keep up with the manga and of course the anime as well! My favorite character is Tamaki....which the previous season just ended on, aaa. Am very excited to see the Overhaul arc animated and am eagerly awaiting the new season. \o/ also...
  4. Janna

    What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

    a lot more this season than usual ( ̄ー ̄)b Endro, Mob Psycho season 2, BanG Dream season 2, Yakusoku no Neverland, and slooowly getting through Zombieland Saga haha. s l o w l y ...
  5. Janna

    Out of all the Pokemon games, which one have you enjoyed the most?

    Gah, hard to say. I love all of them for their own reasons, but I guess my most enjoyed would be DPPt, BW, and ORAS? Played those to death and had an incredibly fun time. DPPt because the graphics were breathtaking and a big jump from RSE, plus all those new mechanics were really fun to tinker...
  6. Janna

    Does people even use forums like this anymore?

    Forums are definitely a lot more niche nowadays, but I find that they give me something the likes of subreddits and Discord communities can't. I am creative and like to visually express myself, so customizing my post with an avatar and signature (as silly as that may sound) motivates me to post...
  7. Janna

    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    Caught five Shiny Totodile for Community Day. \o/ Traded one to @bobandbill and we ended up with Lucky ones, yay. Quite happy still.
  8. Janna


  9. Janna

    Official Serebii Forums Newbie Help & FAQ 2016 Edition - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE

    Might be a silly question, but how long do usernames take to change after you've made your request in the username change thread (which was closed November)? I absolutely understand that changing usernames is a luxury that we're not entitled to whatsoever, but it's been over three months since...
  10. Janna

    Hello New here!

    Belated welcome to Serebii, Darkbirt! Nice to have you here. n~n Yeah same for me, was in grade five with RBY haha. Pretty cool. Seems like a lot of older fans returned to the franchise in these last few years, especially for X and Y. Hopefully you're here to stay this time. =) Have a great...
  11. Janna

    A wild Torracat appears!

    Whoa, your username is awesome. Torracat is super cute.. not a fan of Incineroar though, blah. Hopefully that opinion will change at some point lol. Welcome to Serebii! Yeah always a good choice to join a Pokémon forum. There are a lot of things to do here, and of course being around other fans...
  12. Janna

    You are challenged by New Forum Member NovaBrunswick!

    Nice to meet you Nova, welcome to Serebii!! Ooh awesome, you have good taste. I'm a big fan of those two generations, though I adore V also. Also pretty awesome seeing others who will be getting Moon. :D I'm especially excited to play that and cannot wait for next month. aaa time pass...
  13. Janna

    Obligatory Welcome thread.

    Hey Zolar! Welcome to the site, nice to meet you. o/ I've been a Pokémon fan for as long as you also, though I do love to play post-game a lot haha. Even when the story's over it's not hard to find something to do. Glad you're looking forward to Sun & Moon! Sun master race. See you around. =)
  14. Janna

    So how many hours have you clocked in on Black and White?

    84 hours on White... can't seem to put in as many hours as I would years ago on the games anymore, it seems. Then again, these games are pretty short imho.
  15. Janna

    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    Hatched about 600 Emolga eggs so far - no shiny yet. Getting tired but I'll keep going.
  16. Janna

    BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

    Currently hatching a female Adamant with an attack-based characteristic Mienfoo, with the Regenerator ability. Taking longer than I expected, even though I've got a female Adamant Mienfoo sitting in Day Care with an Everstone. She'll be the third member of my team.
  17. Janna

    BW020: Pikachu VS Meguroco VS Koaruhie!!

    Whoo, awesome animation. I'm definitely looking forward to this. Here's hoping Satoshi catches Meguroco.
  18. Janna

    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    Yeah, that's very true... I just really want to be able to rebattle gym leaders. :< Ah well. Can't please them all.
  19. Janna

    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    ...bleh, so you can't. And there isn't even a VS Seeker. Suddenly I am tempted not to get the game. D8;