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    Catching Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar - READ FIRST POST

    Watch this video and skip to 2:31. You'll see what they mean with shiny grass.
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    Congrats with your shiny Chikorita. Shiny meganium is awsome.

    Congrats with your shiny Chikorita. Shiny meganium is awsome.
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    Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?

    Entei because he was in the 3rd movie. I haven't had any of the legandary beasts in years.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    Let's say it took you 2 minutes per egg, that is 30 eggs per hour. When I REd my Litwick, I did 124 REs per hour in a single"grass" in celestial tower. So lets say you're hunting with that efficiency for 10 hours straight, you should be able to do 1240 REs and 300 eggs. The chance of finding one...
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    What are your takes on the movies so far?

    Movie 1: Classic, amazing and touching, as far as I can remember. Movie 2: One of my favorites. I just LOVE the Lugia and that music... you know that whistle that that girl played on... it was so mysterious. Movie 3: Liked it, but it didn't quite fit my sense so well, but anyways I like it...
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    A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! (673)

    I loved the new episode, just as all the other ones. Also, I just gotta love the NEW team rocket. They're no longer on that quest for pikachu in every single episode, and they're more "mysterious", professional and stealthy. It fits so well, after 600 episodes of them just repeating their motto...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    As I got tired of playing black version, I continued my playthrough on HG. I beat the E4 with my team: Meganium, Marowak, Arcanine, Pupitar, Quagsire and Foretress. They were all lvl 50 and 51, so I had no problems in the league. That's because I spent one whole day on going through the first...
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    Quick Claw Glitch?

    That's probably because the protect is supposed to always go before anything else. The intention of quick claw is just to let your pokemon move first at times when it's battling a faster opponent. But protect comes first. That, in my oppinion, is stupid.
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    EV training?

    I EV-trained 3 pokemon in my current team. They were Riolu, Mudkip and Zorua. I gave about 400 EVs to each of them through vitamins only. It took me 10 minutes when including the time it took to buy all the vitamins. Later, I transferred them to my friend's game, I restarted mine, and we linked...
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    Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

    Yes I care about genders. FE, I could never have a male meganium, chansey, or loppunny on my team. Also I would never have used a female mr. mime.
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    Should TM's be nonbreakable?

    Before: I hardly used any TMs at all. Now: I use TMs alot. Yes. TMs should be unbreakable.
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    Minccino-Neat & Tidy (672)

    I think they're 15 years old or something. Also, I agree with the 10/10, although she could have introduced herself better. I had to check my memory if they had met her before. Other than that, Bianca was really funny.
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    Elite 4

    Maybe. I have no idea.
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    Are you playing as boy or girl?

    Haha I think Hilda looks so tough. In her standard pose she looks more masculine than me (a boy), so I had no problem picking one of them when I first got Black. After I restarted the game, however, I chose to play as the boy.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    ^ You just need an image editing program and some basic skillz. Use FE Photoshop (an overprized yet very good image editing software) or GIMP (a free one with many possibilities) Then you either copy or make your own background for the shiny card. Then you visit each pokemon's page at serebii's...
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    Elite 4

    Haha I agree with everyone here who says the first time you meet them, the elite 4 is a joke. If I wanted, I could beat them right now with my only 3 lvl 50 pokemon Serperior, Zoroark and Lucario. I easily beat both Shauntal, Grimsley and Caitlin. And I have barely used one revive yet. But I...
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    Minccino-Neat & Tidy (672)

    But she didn't introduse herself well enough, in my opinion. I briefly scanned the earlier episode summaries on the internet to see if they'd met her before. Other than that, I think Bianca is a great character. I did notice they made her less unsure and hesitant than she is in the games...
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    Ash's Relationship with his Traveling Companions

    That was a good summary there. Although I (unfortunately) did not see that many episodes with misty, I agree with all your conclusions.
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    Catching Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar - READ FIRST POST

    Wow that's just a 12% encounter rate... Isn't it more difficult to chain then? At the moment I don't seem to be able to get a chain over 20 starlys...
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    Catching Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar - READ FIRST POST

    Ahhh noo! I just tried to chain starlys in the starter grass in platinum. It was all kinda rusty because it's been more than half a year since my last chain. I got to chain 38 with the starlys, but then I was so stupid that I went on a perfectly secure patch in the uttermost edge of the grass, I...