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    Future Dub Title Guess Thread V2 *Spoilers*

    Gligar! Wings of Friendship!! ~ Glide Before the Fall!
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    Hey thx for the friend request, but idk you. Once I feel like I know you better, then I'll...

    Hey thx for the friend request, but idk you. Once I feel like I know you better, then I'll accept it. I mean we've nvr even talked. I know you mean well. :)
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    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.

    I KICK YO ASS How much money is $12?
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    The Replace Any Word With Pants Game

    HOLY SH*T!?!? Where is your pants tonight? I hope he is a pants Maybe pants won't find out what I know You were the last good pants about this part of town When I wake up, I'm willing to take my pants on The pants I forget That you hate pants more than you notice I wrote this for pants (for...
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    what if? game

    Time for AZN TELEPORTATION!!! What if it were the year 2048?
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    Rate The Signature Above You III

    Clean, nice to look at, organized, and Lion King :D 9/10 PS: The pic. makes me laugh. :P
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    Would You Rather...

    Tell her about it. Would you rather eat 1000 scorpions while strapped upside down on a ferris wheel sitting next to Oprah, or have your eyes squeezed out and then your throat slit, letting the bacteria and parasites infest your inner organs and render you immobile, leaving you in a pathetic and...
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    Commercials: Love/Hate Relationship

    Stupid: A compelling reason to literally slice the damn cables connecting to your dish...
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    Quote the Funniest Post Made by the Above User Version II

    I don't have any funny ones... :/
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    What would you say if you woke up in bed next to the poster above you? V. II

    *wakes up, remembering events of last night* Yeah... everyone was right about you... o.o
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    Throw an Object at the Next Poster

    *ignores the fact that these people can't follow simple rules* *throws cactus at next poster*
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    History class has started. Open your books.

    Please explain... Just curious about your decisions, as they are very similar to what I would have picked.
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    Childhood Obesity, take two: who is to blame for this?

    That doesn't make sense... Why should the franchises be blamed? After all, it's the consumer who buys it = PARENTS. It's all about choices. Shove your kid's mouth with **** all day, and of course they're going to get fat. It all comes down to the parents. In no way should the fast food industry...
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    History class has started. Open your books.

    Well, definitely the Korean War, as my mom lived through it, so I have that personal connection thru her, but IDK, the French Revolution was really interesting. Plus my teacher obsesses over it... :x
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    History class has started. Open your books.

    The French Revolution = Awesome
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    History class has started. Open your books.

    I'm very interested about East Asian History/Culture. Especially because my mom's side of the family is Korean, and plus I enjoy it so much.
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    History class has started. Open your books.

    My favorite is US History... I'm taking it next year. This year I'm stuck with stupid European History...
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    History class has started. Open your books.

    Renaissance Anybody? :p
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    Chinese/Korean/Japanese drama thread

    Goong ~ "Palace" in Korean. So funny.
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    New Dub Titles (Season 13)

    No, I understood perfectly. Apparently I didn't make myself clear. I meant the Deoxys Ranger Episodes already aired as in last Thursday/Friday. So, they will not be airing together. That's all I was saying.