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    When Did You Become A Fan Of Pokemon?

    As long as I can remember really so probably when it came out in the UK with my first game being Stadium (My brother had Blue) and then I got every main series game since
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Went to see what a third Psychic type was in a friend safari and ended up finding a shiny Munna! Heard a lot of shiny captures in the safari, has there been anything said about the odds of finding one in a safari?
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    I got a shiny Poliwag today on around a 29 fishing chain and then a Clauncher around half an hour later on a 47 :D
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    Shiny Pokémon & PokéRadar Thread

    Thanks :) Might go for something easy like a Poliwag
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    Shiny Pokémon & PokéRadar Thread

    Can you do chain fishing with any rod or is it just the Super rod? I want to know because I would hate to get an evolved shiny :/
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    Completing my dex as I go along and on Route 19 and the only Pokémon I need is a Gligar and on the first horde I found a shiny one! My first shiny of X&Y! Just caught it as I was creating this post!
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    I was really hoping Heracross would get some kind of evolution and I'm glad it got a mega! One of my favourite designs by far but the nose looks a little long will just have to see it from another angle...
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    October 17th: XY002 - Mega Evolution and the Prism Tower!

    Am I the only one who loves the new double team animation? I'm not sure why but it really stood out for me. Looks like I'm getting back into the show :D
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    September 26th: BWS2DA!E20 - My Dream, Pokémon Master

    Ash hasn't really been enthusiastic about achieving his goal over the years but with this title I think they may be going back to their origins. I think this episode is sort of a reboot of his goal which it will be during XY. I only think this because they are creating merchandise with the old...
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    October 2nd: "Pocket Monsters The Origin" - TV Special based on Red/Green

    Pokémon has really stepped up it's game this year with a bunch or surprises and this is one of the best! I'm glad they are having both shows instead of cancelling the main series! This pleases everyone! I just hope they eventually dub. I absolutely HATE anime with a few exceptions (Pokémon...
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    Are you OCD about anything in your Pokemon game?

    I have a few: -Every Pokémon I catch goes into the PC in the exact order they were obtained in and when I take them out they have to go back in that order -I have to catch the basic form of every Pokémon I come across before moving on -When making a team I don't like being sexist so I have 3...
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    BWS2DA!E8 - Ash & Butterfree! Until the Day We Meet Again!! [FIRST POST 06/01]

    What I'm guessing that's going to happen is Ash and co find the Caterpie (It has nothing to do with his Butterfree) and they spend the day with it or whatever and Ash talks about his Butterfree with flashbacks and throughout the episode the Caterpie evolves to Metapod then Butterfree and it has...
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    Unpopular opinions you have about the anime(READ THE FIRST POST)

    I think I'm probably one of the only people to ever think some of these: -I don't want them to get rid of the anime and replace it with one like the black and white 2 short. I wouldn't mind them making one like that but I wouldn't like them to get rid of the original. -I don't mind the factor...
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    How will it feel when Ash finnaly meets Giovanni

    You guys need to stop putting your expectations so high and saying that it was going to be disappointing! I know that the short part where they met in today's episode wasn't all that great but I think they will make up for it next episode! I am just glad that Ash and Giovanni met face to face...
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    Thanks guys that is my team complete! :D -Tangela-(Not that nickname Alder gave it you sick person I know what that means! ;)) -Rattata (Ryder- Only know STAB Moves) -Growlithe (On Fire- Evolve after soloing All trainers in Celadon Gym but can only use 5 fire moves in there) -Mankey (Chris if...
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    At the moment I have: -Tangela-(Not that nickname Alder gave it you sick person I know what that means! ;)) -Rattata (Ryder- Only know STAB Moves) -Growlithe (On Fire- Evolve after soloing All trainers in Celadon Gym but can only use 5 fire moves in there) -Mankey (Chris if boy/Amber if girl...
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    Ok so far I have: -Tangela-(Not that nickname Alder gave it you sick person I know what that means! ;)) -Rattata (Ryder- Only know STAB Moves) - - - -
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    4th Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    SuperMariofan64 take a Psyduck named Flipper and it cannot evolve until it takes out 20 flying type Pokémon with Zen Headbutt! :D
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    Been a while since I have taken one of these challenges! Ok then I would like a challenge for Fire Red please! I can trade if necessary. I want to make this interesting also so please no starter Pokémon! :D EDIT: Oh and nicknames for them as well please!
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    The D/P Scramble Challenge

    Ok so I am set! -Golduck -Lopunny -Houndour -Ariados -Take a Rhyhorn that must be caught directly after encountering a houndour. It must keep at least one of the special moves your houndour knows. -Roserade with Weatherball