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    #333 Swablu / #334 Altaria

    I have Altaria, and im willing to breed for nature, i need dream world, pm me
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    #328 Trapinch / #329 Vibrava / #330 Flygon

    Need any stage of trapinch, andlvl does not matter. PM me if you have an offer
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    Thank you for not ignoring these laws, I think i will follow suit if you dont mind because i...

    Thank you for not ignoring these laws, I think i will follow suit if you dont mind because i dont want serebii to be closed down, and i assume others dont either. Fight PEVO
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    Candlelight Graphics

    Hey umm, sorry, i couldnt find anything in the rules but, if you dont accept while list is full, sorry ill repost. I'd like to request an animation banner from Candlelight Graphics Images...
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    Roots // PG-13

    No i actualy meant how Bertha may end up being part of the elite 4. And her journey may be how she came into contact with ground types
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    Roots // PG-13

    Oh gooy, im the first one to comment, though im not a grammer dictater. I now see where the Bertha-Elite 4 thing is coming in to place. At least i think i do. Anyways another masterfully written battle, and i wonder if his story will be published.
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    Roots // PG-13

    I wonder why Michael wants nothing in return for the story. I can now see him straying more towards the game with his obsession of evolution. I cant wait for the next chapter
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    i can get a DW croagunk to you. What for?

    i can get a DW croagunk to you. What for?
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    #016 Pidgey / #017 Pidgeotto / #018 Pidgeot

    Anything in the pidgey line por favor. Pm me and we can discuss trading
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    Roots // PG-13

    Oh man oh man oh man, have i not read this in a while. Now I feel all guilty and stuff. Either way though your fan fic keeps getting better, and better. You've definitely improved from the beginning, and that isnt a compliment to be taken lightly, you were great from the beginning. I can't wait...
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    Top 2 saddest game moments.

    not crusifizing benny in fallout 3 new vegas
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Team Shadow(Rated PG-13)

    holy crippity crappity, thatr was alot, ill fix it thx, also thx for the advice(oh god here we go)Ill work on the second chapter tommorow hopefully and i will add alot btw i wont have the chapter up for awhile because of school starting very soon
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    that was a rushed review???? anyways thx, you helped a lot more than other people ill work on...

    that was a rushed review???? anyways thx, you helped a lot more than other people ill work on it again thx
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    PikaPika677's Pokémon Art Shop

    oh yeah could you do mine to
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    Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

    Cool text and i loves absol so 8.5/10
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    post a lie about the above person.

    eats dancing potatoes
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    PikaPika677's Pokémon Art Shop

    Evolution ----------- 1st Pokémon: Shiny Zoua 2nd Pokémon: Shiny Zoroark 3rd Pokémon: Half Speed?: (Would you like the speed halved? The one in the example is normal speed)No
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    Pokemon Player's art shop! :D

    I want a banner from the awesome codeyokoo! Background:http://www.photoshopessentials.com/images/type/effects/perspective-shadow/photoshop-text-perspective-shadow.jpg Pokemon:Umbreon(from my recent fanfic could you make it white with purple rings Text:none(try to make the backround visible Color...
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