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    What DS do you have?

    Bright Blue DSi! Got it for my 13th birthday from my parents. I love it! I used to have a pink DS lite, but I decided to give it to my best friend for her birthday, who's little sister promptly broke it in half for no reason whatsoever. :c
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    .:Pokemon Obsidian:.

    Hey Kecleo! Its been a while ^-^ These are really good, but I think a couple of them could use a couple more markings or details, you know? A couple of them could be simplified though, maybe to be more pokemon-ish. Hard to explain stuff is hard to explain. :B Overall though, I think you've...
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    The Spriting Club!

    I totally forgot about this club.. I'm still in, right? I took a long leave from Serebii.. >n<
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    Need art help!!!

    We all want to learn how to art LOL. Uhh you just... draw? MS paint? Or maybe pen, pencil and paper? :/
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    Deviant Art - Post your username here!

    I made a new account ^^; http://keewii.deviantart.com/
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    ER's recent doodles

    I'm not tooo serious about drawing, but I guess a little critique wouldn't hurt. Just be nice, okay? Red-lining is good too. Nothing special~ but here goes :3 My main issue right now is anatomy, if you couldn't tell. ^^; I'll only post my pokemon art here..
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    Oh my god, Heyyy loser 2.0 <3 LOL I just logged in. You commented me back in April. -slow- 8'D

    Oh my god, Heyyy loser 2.0 <3 LOL I just logged in. You commented me back in April. -slow- 8'D
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    Rosies Art!

    Aw, thank you <3 Theres always room for improvement ;3
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    Rosies Art!

    Thanks haha :)
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    Rosies Art!

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    Rosies Art!

    The suicune is the oldest of the bunch, so I'm not surprised it has so much wrong with it x'D Thanks (: Glad you remember me haha
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    Rosies Art!

    Thanks (: The main thing I think I struggle with is anatomy and creative poses D;
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    Rosies Art!

    The pika was my first lineless attempt ^^; I'll make the nose/ other features more obvious next time :3 Mareep was just a scribble of a body anyway, haha. I got lazy and drew a cloud XD I thought that too, about suicune, can't place what it is, but yes, I agree. Thank you for the criticism...
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    Rosies Art!

    Oh geese, you guys, I haven't been improving at all and my computer keeps freezing on serebii so I can't really post any art. I went to DA, but all I got was like 20 favs and OMG CUTE etcetc ;w; I would like some good constructive crit., please. I beg of you intelligent people. AHEM Anyway...
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    The Spriting Club!

    Hey everyone D: Its been a while, so sorry I havent been on..
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    'veerose made a desktop wallpaper~

    Of course! I wouldn't steal art from someone and make it into a wall paper.
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    'veerose made a desktop wallpaper~

    I think its meh, I sorta like it. http://cinderpelty.deviantart.com/art/Eeveelutions-Wallpaper-142226815 Tell me what you think, please. Just don't be too offensive, rudeness is not wanted!
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    Deformed Drawings with Paint and Mouse

    Program honestly doesn't matter x_x But these are pretty good, to be honest! Just maybe focus on making the lines more.. flowing and smooth. x3
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    The Spriting Club!

    Glad you guys like my ribbon idea... Whats a clan shop? If you can have a lot of people, I wanna work there.
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    Madison's Icy Cold Sprite Shop.

    Who is streakerdj's request for?