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    Challenger Leaderboard

    Got my last badge from doc.
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    OSL Psychic Gym : Leader assassinsceptile

    Won againt doc in a clean game. i wont say the score
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    The Jackal Returns Again

    ~Threat list~ [CENTER] ~Defensive Threats~
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    The Jackal Returns Again

    Introduction I started building balanced teams because they are, in my opinion one of the best teams because you can handle most/all the sweepers, while you kill checks and counters, not losing the synergy and closing the match with a final sweep; if you do all of these, you´ll win the match...
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    Lonely Dragons [OU RMT]

    Hi Shadows. I´ve been in the mod of rating some teams here, so I saw your team and looked pretty good. I just want to tell you a little detail : don´t run natures that lower SpA/Att if you´re running a mixed sweeper because they decrease the attacking power of one of the sides, so I´ll just...
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    Any good raters left here?

    How do you take down other Gliscors with Gliscor?! EQ misses, and Toxic has a bad accuracy, and doesnt do too much. If you face other Gliscors, you can switch to Lucario in the Taunt/Toxic, then to Dragonite in the EQ/Taunt, and finish them with Draco Meteor ._. You´ve covered them, and those 40...
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    Any good raters left here?

    Seems like it´s a good RMT. I´m just posting here because I dont like your gliscor´s spread. In my opinion, it´s quite bad. Why? because you need to spend a lot of evs in Speed to get a 50% of winning a pointless speed tie. Just by flipping a coin, you will outspeeding other gliscors; this idea...
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    OSL Psychic Gym : Leader assassinsceptile

    lol it was draw, and you said we were going to battle tommorrow.
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    sorry man, Nilla contacted me, but when I checked out like half an hour later, and logged on...

    sorry man, Nilla contacted me, but when I checked out like half an hour later, and logged on, you were offline. ... the lag is very hard to me, and that´s why I dont log in here frecuently :/
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    hmmm are you ready? I couldnt contact you because of lag :/

    hmmm are you ready? I couldnt contact you because of lag :/
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    Suicune doesnt only know to rest-talk

    Thanks for the suggestion, but... if I replace ScarfApe, there wouldnt be a revenge killer for DD mence. If it gets a DD, nothing in my team could handle him. .... hmmm I might try out Swampert, it can handle electric pokemon, but it just fears HP grass zapdos (thanks godness it is uncommon)
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    oh sorry. I´m normaly at the OSL chat, and forgot to contact you. I´m there as helios

    oh sorry. I´m normaly at the OSL chat, and forgot to contact you. I´m there as helios
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    Suicune doesnt only know to rest-talk

    Hi guys, I´m starting in the team building, and this is my 4th team I´ve build. I found out this was the best team I´ve built, but it had some problems, just like LO Starmie and/or SD Luke who really crippled me. After seeing its defensive stats, and getting swept by an offensive Suicune, I...
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    Challenger Leaderboard

    beat zeph 7 badges
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    OSL Flying Gym : Leader lunar22

    ^ confirming gg zeph. now I´ll just need to beat doc and I´ll be in E4 >: )
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    ~The raise of Gyrados~

    I suppose you´re right about the zapdos, and as far as I remember, sub-zone is also problem. I dont think BP is the best choice for metagross, but explosion seems attractive in order to kill cune. Actually, I switch to rotom while he EQ´s in the 2nd turn, and finish him with shadowball
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    ~The raise of Gyrados~

    *sigh* IT´S THE SAME, YOU WILL BE TAKING INFERNAPE BOTH WITH EQ AND WATERFALL. I was expecting a better rate... no spam like this...
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    ~The raise of Gyrados~

    Hi guys I´ve come with a new team built around gyarados. I´ve each time been improving and improving at team building. AT GLANCE TEAM Gliscor (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Veil EVs: 252 HP/32 Def/224 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) ~ Earthquake ~ Stealth Rock ~ Taunt...
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    Competitive Single Rates 6.0!

    Hi guys I´ve come with a metagross which will help me to get rid of most of revenge killers, including specs/scarf latias, scarfrachi and even scarflygon and to a lesser extent, agilitygross; it´s porpuse is to kill gyara´s revenge killers. Any rate is welcomed. Metagross @ Shuca Berry...
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    Scizor the cowboy [OU RMT]

    actually, I really need scarf ttar as a revenge killer because I need the speed in no turns. Let´s suppose ttar enters in CM latias, latias gets a CM, and it will OHKO me with surf if I´m not fast enough; that´s why I have scarf to kill latias and other threats before they can even touch me...