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    Xena's Sprite Shop

    SebastiaanZ here's the team pose to scale: dinofoot expect your requests soon.
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    Xena's Sprite Shop

    Sure! I'll make the scaled version and you're welcome to use any of my stuff in your project.
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    Xena's Sprite Shop

    Here are your requests SebastiaanZ! Cloned Meganium: Team Pose: For the X trainer, I took the official artwork of the character, resized it then essentially did a pixel-over. As always, if you'd like any changes let me know!
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    Hey-oh! I'm Aquaslash!

    Welcome! My favourite starter in gen 3 was Swampert too :) I gave him the very creative name of "Swampy". I don't think I ever put him in the PC for the entire game.
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    What do you collect other than Pokémon?

    When I was a kid I collected Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars, rocks, chicken plushies and dog plushies. Now I collect: - Posters - MTG cards - Foreign coins - CS:GO gun skins
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    Xena's Sprite Shop

    Hi SebastiaanZ, are you looking for a regular Team Pose, or a to-scale one with resized Pokemon?
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    The Picture Thread - Show off your good selfies here

    This was me early this year
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    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    Jolene - Dolly Parton Jolene (1973) I can never get tired of this song!
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    Around how old were you when you joined SPPF and how was it different?

    I joined in 2004. I was 10 years old and had an account that is long-since pruned now (do they still prune inactive accounts?) I stuck around for 3 or 4 years. - I remember there being a lot of young members like myself. - The Fan Art and Sprite section was very active; pages and pages of...
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    My mother tongue is English, I have intermediate skills in French. I can understand most written French.
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    Xena's Sprite Shop

    So sorry for the extra delay. Sadly my grandmother passed away last week so it has been very tough, and I couldn't muster the will to make sprites. Munna Tapir for ,Ex: Pokemon face badgesfor The Original Wizard: As always, let me know if you'd like me to adjust or re-try the...
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    In my opinion, I would avoid hoping that he will have feelings for you in the future. It is not good for you to pine after something that may not happen, and if his feelings don't change you will be left very disappointed and sad as you would have spent so much time thinking of him.
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    Sun or Moon? Which version are you getting?

    Sun because I like the lion!
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    Xena's Sprite Shop

    Hello everyone, I am sorry for disappearing! I fell ill and spent some time in the hospital but I am OK now. Keen to do some more requests :) ,Ex your Munna tapir is coming soon :)
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    One of the toughest parts about being attracted to the same sex is that the majority of people you will develop crushes on (or even fall in love with) are straight. It becomes a fact of life, unfortunately. I don't really have any advice on coping and moving on, but I'm just here to let you know...
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    Strangest Place You Found a Pokemon

    I found a Magikarp in the middle of a pedestrian crossing. I called it Roadkill.
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    GWSC - The end?! Or in need of a comeback?

    It would be very sad to see the contest go. Of course, noobiess, if you were unable to continue then you shouldn't feel pressured to do it. You have done a very good job with it!
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    Ooh ok you want a substitute dressing like a Pokemon, right? Or am I not getting it xD

    Ooh ok you want a substitute dressing like a Pokemon, right? Or am I not getting it xD
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    You want a substitute sprite? :O They are adorable, let me know what you want done. I will take...

    You want a substitute sprite? :O They are adorable, let me know what you want done. I will take most requests in my shop even if I haven't got it listed :3
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    Hi !

    Welcome Vladcik! Hope you have fun. There is a good thread here for discussing Shiny Hunting. And I agree that Feraligatr is one of the coolest pokemon ;o p.s. Aussi, Je parle un peu de français !