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    Do you think Mewtwo could appear in BW?

    Q: will mewtwo appear in bw? A: nope its simple like that.
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    BW052 - Nimbasa Gym!

    well well well, the gym battle is closing in huh. i thought that the writers would make bw 53 the gym battle, cause its a new season after 52 episodes right? cause it would make sense if they did 3 gym battles in best wishes, 3 in the second unova season and 2 gym battles and the league in the...
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    BW045 Negotiator Meowth! Scrafty Persuasion Mission!!

    About the video with the manga scans... is that Ashs Tranquill using double team or is it just a gang of random wild Tranquill? I mean it looks like Purrlion is ordering them around, but still... goddammit Ashs Tranquill needs some screentime! Also, i would have multiple fangasms if jessie and...
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    BW039 - Archeops

    i usually dont say this, but i actually hopes that ash captures this weeks pokemon. archeops is a fully evoloved fossil pokemon,wich is awesome, and since it is having a hard time flying it can battle without looking to strong, and maybe even loosing to some first-stage pokemon, kinda like the...
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    [CHECK FIRST POST] BW044 - DON Battle! (Part 4 Discussion ONLY)

    omfg! tournament! yayayayayayayayayayayay! ehm.. awesome episode title, and probably an awesome episode. i hope its a two-part episode cause meeting up with all the rivals and battling should take shetloads of time. i hope we might get a evolution or two, and some good screentime for stunfisk...
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    1000 things pokemon has taught us.

    232: you can only say yes and no 233:fire can bend lightning ( see pikachu vs magmar in ciannbar gym)
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    Please Rate my Team

    y u no modest on volcarona? it is not a physical attacker, so you might aswell ditch its attack stat. as much as i love swoobat, im well aware of that it has low stats, so i would suggest reuniclus or whimiscott. and giga impact on gigalit might work, but stealth rock, toxic or even facade or...
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    BW 036: The Dragon Buster appears! Iris and Excadrill!!

    oh my god beartic! its cool and all, but i find it very odd that they decide to show beartic before cubchoo... its probably since beartic is more of a threat to iris pokemon than cubchoo, but its pretty retarded to only give it ice-type moves (ice beam, icicle chrash, blizzard) oh wait it has...
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    if pokemon no 666 is number 15 in the gen-6 pokedex, it will probably be a bug-type, cause 1-9 is starters, so some local rodent or bird with 3 evolution stages will fit in pretty well, but since most rodents only have two stages it will probably be a bug, since number 10-14 will probably be 3...
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    Palpitoad and Stunfisk: The Future

    I actually think that Palpitoad may be the key to capturing Roggenrola or defeating Eleesa, or it could lose horribly to Eleesa and get sad and then Ash trains it to make it happy again. And Stunfisk could be like Psyduck: hard to work with but really strong. a good test for his sommelier skills.
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    BW039 - Archeops

    ugh... not more random wild pokemon training! he really needs to train his own pokemon, especially palpitoad, swadloon and tranquill (and possibly roggenrolla). i mean we havent seen swadloon battle since the gym battle, and we havent seen energy ball in a very long time. tranquill battled...
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    Is Ash Getting Too Capture Happy?

    question: is ash getting too capture happy? answer: no. can i go home now?
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    Next Pokemon Thread IV: A New Hope (Use for capture/release/evolution speculation!)

    for the guys/gals that dont think any of the starters will evolove: look at sinnoh. its the most recent saga and therefore the one that is the best example: turtwig didnt evolove untill after the 4th gym and chimchar didnt evolove untill after the 7th gym, and both theese pokemon evoloved twice...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Omg i love theese little guys! i have lots of them, including the bidoof line, buneary line, eevee w espeon and umbreon, torterra line, hariyama line, ledian line, spianrak line, unowns, granbull line, toxicroak line, rayquaza and many more. some sets i have only one of, like the ursaring line...
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    Pokemon that you use the most on your Ingame Teams

    the pokemons i used the most over the years must be staraptor, since its easy to find and has a good moveset, but now i cant play pokemon without using samurott and swoobat.
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    What do you care about the most: EVD's or your actual Pokemon?

    of course you can ev-train a pokemon in lv 89, me and my brother did the exact same thing with a scizor in heartgold. you just chase down low-leveled pokemon who gives good evs and maybe give your pokemon some iron and calcium and stuff like that, and before you know it you have a pokemon with...
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    What determines a n00b in Pokemon?

    the guys with a lv80 starter, three legendaries and two dragon types is a good definition of the word noob, unless they actually have a good reason for having such a team. and if you dont understand the basics, youre a noob. i mean, i know about evs, ivs, natures etc, but im too lazy to care...
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    Who would win?

    fcking pokemon all day erryday. if they use those stupid 5d's cards, pokemon will win for sure, i mean cmon, a little mole whit what, 300 atk and a derp effect. b1tch please.
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    Is "Sturdy" overpowered in B/W?

    meh. priority moves break sturdy all day errryday.