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    Hey loser, guess who got on Serebii LOL -shot-

    Hey loser, guess who got on Serebii LOL -shot-
  2. L

    Last poster wins!!!!!!!!

    ;330; i win hahahahahaha
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    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    wait, Sunkit is now Sunpaw!! :D Red_Latias can be Rainkit, somebody is allready Sunkir, or Sunpaw now
  4. L

    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    :O im soooo sorry i haven't been on!!! can someone post a list of people i need to add?
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    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    thats awesome Copygoo!! good job
  6. L

    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    that cat really bugs me, she sould be banned
  7. L

    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    shes like my best friend on that site :D
  8. L

    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    yes you can join, your name could be mudkit!
  9. L

    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    oh, so your Rosekit, my friend is the leader, im sure she'll let you join!
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    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    ok, that sounds awesome!
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    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    GASP!!!!! WHAT?!?! OMG.....
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    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    im sorry, its ok
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    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    yes you can join, ummm you can be Sunkit! my name on the RPG is Smokefrost, im in SkyClan
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    Do you want Nintendo to try new types for the starters?

    i think they should just stick with water fire and grass
  15. L

    What is the main pokemon you take to dungeons?

    typhlosion, flygon and eevee
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    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    ok......i don't think so....lol but does anyone have a new topic?
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    Rapidashlover82's New Awesome Shop

    wow!!! thanks!!!
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    ~Warrior Cats Fan Club~

    yes you can join, you will be Owlkit
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    The Starter pokemon club.

    it depends, but i usually pick grass or water
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    How long have you been playing D/P ?

    745:27 yay!!!! i play it a lot