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    May 26th: XY&Z028 - The Winding Woods... The Dawn of Evolution!

    I'm really looking forward to this episode. Looks intense!
  2. Y

    Today is (not) Ash's 30th birthday!

    If only they aged him.
  3. Y

    Hello there. :)

    Hello there. :)
  4. Y

    Ash's Father (Revisited)

    I know. It would be funny though.
  5. Y

    Ash's Father (Revisited)

    Me and my SO have a theory that Ash's dad is Blaziken mask.
  6. Y

    How do you want the next PokeGirl to be like?

    I don't think that a new girl even needs to go with him. Be more like Season 3 and have the same people go with him.
  7. Y

    Gender Race V.3

  8. Y

    Count to 100 before a mod posts!

  9. Y

    Gender Race V.3

    422 :d :d :d :d
  10. Y

    Why is Ash still ten? Discuss here.

    They should of made him at least 15 I think. :P
  11. Y

    Generation V Mystery Dungeon Game

    I know I really really hate that! I spends hours one time trying to get the Pokémon I wanted to be.
  12. Y

    Pokémon ABC game!

    Eevee the brown one.
  13. Y

    Mean Teachers

    I hated my kindergarten teacher! She was a big jerk! I also hate my second/third grade teacher she was a even bigger jerk. And then there was my seventh grade teacher who I don't even what to walk about.
  14. Y

    How old are you?

    I am 20 years old.
  15. Y

    Favorite kind of Chocolate

    Milk chocolate for me. I also like White chocolate also, but I hate dark chocolate.
  16. Y

    Cats or Dogs?

    I like them both but cats are my very favorite.
  17. Y

    Pokémon ABC game!

  18. Y

    Pokémon ABC game!

  19. Y

    Right Handed or Left Handed?

    I am right handed and my friend is left handed.