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    Pikachu's Goodbye (039)

    I always loved this episode back as a kid and it's probably the most famous one of them all. What I find great about it is how over the course of the episode, you can see Ash getting sadder as he starts to realize Pikachu might be better off in the forest than staying with him. I actually keep...
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    Unfair battles in the Pokemon anime

    Ash vs. Ritchie is my favourite unfair battle, with Team Rocket weakening Ash's Pokemon and Charizard disobeying him. His luck was really bad on that day, but I'm glad Ash lost in that battle. Ash vs. Tobias gets my vote for worst unfair battle. Ash had no chance of defeating Tobias, and that...
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    Friends Til The End! (082)

    This is easily one of the most nostalgic episodes for me. Ash having to cope with losing his first league, as well as seeing his friend Ritchie being defeated as well. I like the moral of this episode alot, where losing isn't necessarily a bad thing and that you can learn from those mistakes ...
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    Official Favorite "Series" Thread 2.0

    In defence to Diamond and Pearl, the negative reviews were not too long after the dubbing happened, so alot of people probably couldn't get used to the drastic voice changes at the time. However, it seems the "Brock being pointless" problem still holds up though.
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    Will Ash/Would you like to see Ash catch a legendary Pokemon?

    If Ash were to have a legendary, he would have had one by now. If anything, the writers will probably wait until the Anime is ending for sure.
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    Battling a Thaw in Relations! (656)

    This episode was extremely satisfying to see Ash finally defeat his rival Paul after a very tough but rewarding three-parter battle, and this 6 V 6 was one of the best in the whole series, so I'll probably rate it along with Malice in Wonderland as my all-time favourite Sinnoh episode. 9/10
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    Malice In Wonderland! (511)

    This is probably my all-time favourite Sinnoh episode. It's one of the few episodes in this series where Brock and Team Rocket were tolerable to me, and the plot seemed quite original in comparison to most late episodes. It was like some weird self-parody on the show, like Ash defeating Cynthia...
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    I'm fine, thanks! Just watching Battle Frontier and boy does the voice acting really suck there!

    I'm fine, thanks! Just watching Battle Frontier and boy does the voice acting really suck there!
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    Official Favorite "Series" Thread 2.0

    This is the only place I've seen Diamond and Pearl getting any praise so far. On TV.com for example, Diamond and Pearl was getting bashed to bits and was considered the worst saga in most of the reviews, so I always assumed everyone hated it for a very long time.
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    Ash's losing streak at Wres.. I mean the Pokemon League

    I still believe the writers should have concluded Ash's story by winning the Johto league. It just seemed like the natural ending point for his saga.
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    Who Is The Strongest Companion??

    His Scyther is awesome, though.
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    Johto Photo Finish! (274)

    Charizard vs. Blaziken was very good, but my biggest gripe with it is I always felt Charizard should have won this battle, so I wouldn't consider it a bad league loss, just annoyingly a plot device for Ash to travel in Hoenn instead of the writers ending his saga on a good note. As for the rest...
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    Charizard's Burning Ambition! (136)

    This episode really made me angry as a kid. Back then, I didn't realise it was a plot device to get rid of Charizard and replace him with a Johto equivalent. I still don't like this episode that much though, as they made Charizard really weak just for this one episode. Struggling to be able to...
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    Has the Anime Peaked?

    The Anime peaked in Kanto/Orange Islands. Anyone who says Diamond and Pearl are having a laugh.
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    Pokemon Anime Marathon

    I'm watching Battle Frontier, and all I can say is the voice acting in there is AWFUL. How the hell did you guys manage to survive through that?
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    The Heartbreak of Brock! (200)

    This is my all-time favourite Johto episode. It was hilarious seeing Brock being chased by a girl and her falling madly in love with him. Of course, he doesn't know what to do because he's never been in a position like this, but it was funny out of all the people giving him advice on it was...
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    Pikachu Re-volts! (088)

    Absolutely brilliant! This is one of my all-time favourites episodes because the plot is really dark and so many awesome things happen in it. I mean, how many times did Ash get attacked by Pokemon in this episode alone, seriously? I just love the look of "Evil Pikachu" when his eyes glow red and...
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    Friend or Foe Alike! (081)

    I watched this episode again last night and although my overall score for it has dropped slightly, I still think it holds up really well. It's quite an intense episode because of Ash having to race against the clock and escape Team Rocket so he can make it back in time for the match. People will...
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    A Tents Situation! (117)

    This is easily one of my favourite episodes in the Orange Islands, because it's really funny and everyone gets a fair amount of screen time here. Brock's return also led to one of my favourite gags. Whenever Professor Ivy was mentioned he would shiver on the floor with "THAT NAME!" as his...
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    Would You Recommend the Pokemon Anime?

    All I will say is that any Pokemon Anime series would probably not be worth recommending for adults. Most of us loved the show from the start or were at the age to understand its premise and tolerate repetitive things. We got used to the show's format and humour. Besides, there's just far too...