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    The last Airbender!

    ^ made my night. But yes, I'm somewhat excited for it. When I heard the news about the movie Avatar coming out [the one with the Na'vi and such] I thought for a second that that was the Avatar series movie until I saw the commercial. And now they're coming out with this movie and I'm kind of...
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    I don't understand how to do this ;___;

    So I have an account on Tokio Hotel Fiction. Long story short, I have a bunch of fics and I want to be able to organize them. There's a way to do this with Flash that's already been done on the main admins' profiles. They said that a friend made it for them and they don't know how it's done...
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    most annoying pokemon to catch

    Feebas is the hardest to find, but I think the Lati's are the hardest to catch. Feebas is easy, at least for me, I just send out my strongest Pokemon and chuck Ultra Balls at it. The Lati's raise hell when you try to catch them. Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie are kind of annoying, too, but...
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    Boxers or breifs

    I'm thinking "manties" are "man panties", which would be the only obvious solution :3 Although I don't really care to figure out what they look like, and it scares me a little to imagine what kind of person would wear 'manties' [apart from crossdressers and such].
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    Thank you :3

    Thank you :3
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    Boxers or breifs

    *looks around* ...boxers. But since I'm a girl, they're girl boxers. So much more comfy than "panties" or whatever you want to call them.
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    "I want to go home." "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE WEASEL."

    *looks at the people who said they wouldn't want to live in New Jersey, Florida, or Russia* ...*has lived in all three of those places* I don't think I'd like to live in China because of the restrictions there. Also, somewhere like Iran or Iraq where the war is going on. I wouldn't want to...
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    School/Work Internet Filters.

    At my old school, a public school, we had filters for just about everything. They wouldn't let us on a lot of sites. But at my new school, which is private, they have absolutely no filters. The problem is that you must sign up for the class before you can use the computers. The classes cost a...
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    Pet stories version 2

    I have received about nine cats in my entire life, and something always happens to them ;___; They either die or we have to give them away. But while we have them it is a good experience. I adore cats but my sister just received a kitten for her birthday, and he hates me ._. He uses my bed as...
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    Paranormal o_O

    If that happened to him, then he was messing around with Satan :3 The Ouija board by itself can't do anything unless you summon demons and Satan, who I believe are real [as a Christian]. If you summon them, then you can be in for some really big trouble, because they are 100% real and 666 is the...
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    Thank you :3

    Thank you :3
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    Savannah Kay ♥

    Thank you for all your kind welcomes :]
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    Savannah Kay ♥

    Yes, they are. Hello. I like your signature. Those are Espeon and Umbreon, right? :3 I looked at those first, thank you for telling me. And thank you, I will enjoy my time here. But I thought there were only two Kiras...unless it's from the Near/Mello generation of DeathNote? :3
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    Savannah Kay ♥

    Haha, thank you. I always do like friends :]
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    Savannah Kay ♥

    Thank you for the warm welcome x] I was on the site three years ago or so and followed the rules very closely, so I don't think I'll have a problem. But I'll have to check and see if they have updated anything :]
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    Savannah Kay ♥

    Привет, я - Саванна...meaning, "Hello, I am Savannah." I've been on the forum before but I haven't logged into my old account in a long time, so I decided to let that account go and to create a new one. I cannot even remember my password anymore ^^; I know I will have a fun time here. I like...