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  1. K

    Do you want to get married?

    No, I do not want to get married and I can not see any reason get married.
  2. K

    What is your Internet speed?

    http://www.speedtest.net/result/1518425149.png The ping was shorter than average(37 ms).
  3. K

    Most Important Things To You In Competitive Battling?

    Strategy and team synergy, because all other things can be standardise.
  4. K

    Freedom of Speech

    The point why freedom of speech should only cover statements with political contents is to prevent haters, bullies and other like those, to hide behind the freedom of speech. The freedom of press rest on on the Principle that written text do not have to pass any authority, so the government...
  5. K

    Freedom of Speech

    The freedom of speech exist to prevent governments to censor unpopular political opinion, therefor should the freedom of speech only cover statements that contain a political agenda. Also, limiting the freedom of speech can make it more difficult to detect terorism, because the thing that...
  6. K


    I think that marriage should be removed, as a legal concept, because it do not have any functions in today’s society.
  7. K

    The Nickname Thread

    I usually name them after something that describe them. Sigilyph: Cygkip Ferrothorn: Sakurvi Whimsicott: Aeromull Carracosta: Kivikarta
  8. K

    What Determines an Awesome player?

    Someone who can stand and be self-critical, regardless of whether they are winning or losing. And do not listen to other when they say that you should enjoy the game.
  9. K

    Favorite kind of Chocolate

    Couverture chocolate.
  10. K

    I want to have a battle. my FC 1034 0572 4574 name Ingel

    I want to have a battle. my FC 1034 0572 4574 name Ingel
  11. K

    Friend code?

    Friend code?
  12. K

    The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

    Looking for a battle. 6 VS 6 single. No WL. No ubers.
  13. K

    Favorite flavor of Ice Cream

    Blueberry, with pieces of dark chocolate and pine nuts in.
  14. K

    Favorite season

    Spring. Because the winter has finally ended and it has not became too warm yet.
  15. K

    What do you think is the man's GREATEST invention?

    The electrical generator/electric motor, if only counting modern invention.
  16. K

    Favorite Fruit

    If eaten raw, raspberries, if processed, then cloudberries.
  17. K

    Favorite Type of Milk

    1.5%, it has the right balance.
  18. K

    I’m interested in a battle with you

    I’m interested in a battle with you
  19. K

    Gambling & Casinos: A sign of Corruption?

    I don not want to ban gambling, because it will lead to more illegal gambling, where there will be no control of it. What I want is that the gambling is regulated, by who is allowed to host it and how high profit they are allowed to have(in percent).
  20. K

    The first Pokemon you caught on Hg/Ss?

    The first pokemon I caught was a Bellesprout, which became one of my main pokemon in my ingame team.