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  1. C

    Are theses hacked?

    I know sorry, but it was along time ago and I don't really keep records of every pokémon I trade.
  2. C

    Are theses hacked?

    I know sorry, but it was along time ago and I don't really keep records of every pokémon I trade.
  3. C

    Are theses hacked?

    Yeah well i'm sure there more then one Callum in this world but anyway let not argue and thanks for helping. :)
  4. C

    Are theses hacked?

    I know it probley get locked but that not my name lol, my name IGN is Callum and thanks for replying at least. I can remember what I traded them for sorry.
  5. C

    Power Lens

    A Pokémon hold item that promotes Sp. Atk gain on leveling, but reduces the Speed stat. Does it mean when the item is being held the speed stat lowers but when took off it goes back to normal?
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    Are theses hacked?

    I'm not sure where this goes, if this is wrong place please move it to the right place. Thank you. I have got 3 pokémon over GTS (2 shiny's). Jirachi, Lv. 100 Caught in Pokéball OT: WISHMKR ID No. 20043 Arrived from Hoenn at lv. 100, May 18, 2007 Champion, Effort, Sinnoh Champ...
  7. C

    What Wii game are you looking forward in 2010?

    I want SMG2 the most as well of Other M and Zelda Wii.
  8. C

    Hardest(or just hard) Games on a Nintendo Console?

    F-Zero GX was the only game that made me throw my controller at walls. Chapture 9 almost done, fall of edge, game over.
  9. C

    Ever gotten really Lucky?

    I once saw shiny rayquaza but I had no pokéballs :(
  10. C

    Platinum Team

    Changes in BOLD
  11. C

    My Catching Team

    Good point
  12. C

    My Catching Team

    I put Roar on Aerodactyl for running from wild pokemon when trying to get to legendary in caves and such but i will replace twister with fly and Megagross is just for battling trainers
  13. C

    My Catching Team

    Sneasel Nature: Adamant move 1: False Swipe move 2: Dark Pulse move 3: Strength move 4: Ice Wind Shuckle Nature: Hardy move 1: Rest move 2: Safeguard move 3: Flash move 4: Double Team Bibarel Nature: Naughty Move 1: Surf Move 2: Cut Move 3: Rock Smash Move 4: Waterfall...
  14. C

    Best nintendo console?

    My choice would have to be the wii because it got the ability to play all the other nintendo consoles plus more.
  15. C

    First game you ever played on a Nintendo console

    Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, still play that game now :)
  16. C

    Favorite game from each Nintendo series

    Mario - Super Mario 64 Wario - N/A Zelda - Twilight Princess Metroid -N/A Kirby - Kirby 64 Starfox - Starfox Assualt Pokemon - Pokemon Diamond F-Zero - F-Zero GX Game&Watch - N/A Pikmin - Pikmin Smash Bros. - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn
  17. C

    What game (series) do you want to see as an anime?

    I would of said starfox but it not on there so legend of zelda
  18. C

    GTS Guardians Volume 2!

    Darkrai level 76 Date: 26/07/08 Obtained: GTS trade Information on the Pokemon: Met at Lv. 10, Route 202 Verdict: Hacked Action taken: Destoyed
  19. C

    New diamond team

    What does HP Fighting mean?
  20. C

    Hey the new GTS gaurdians is up now if u didn't know. here the link...

    Hey the new GTS gaurdians is up now if u didn't know. here the link http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=373951