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    Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

    I have a really great Safari. Fire type: Larvesta, Braixen (Magician confirmed), Pansear. 0963-0256-3521 PM your details.
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    Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

    I have a really great Safari. Fire type: Larvesta, Braixen (Magician confirmed), Pansear. 0963-0256-3521 PM your details.
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    GWSC-Week #8 Poll

    I vote for nubiness!
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    GWSC-Week #8 "GWSC-EX"

    I'm sitting this one out, but I must say, a lot of these entries are pretty sweet.
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    my custom fusemons!!!!

    These are fine for a beginning spriter, but pick up on the advice that Frosty is giving you. Also, be sure to read the spriters guide in this forum to learn a lot of tips and tricks. That said: There is no need to resize the pictures before you post them here. Make a 100x100 box and paste...
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    GWSC-Week 7 poll

    I vote for {o}_{o}'s entry. Its quite an interesting idea.
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    GWSC-Week #7 "Backseat driver"

    Here's my entry! Fusions are always fun. Mewtwo + Bisharp [link]
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    GWSC-Week 6 poll

    Having actually taken a number of computer design courses centered around game design, I can tell that this is definitely not true. I'm not sure where you are getting this information from, but I guarantee to you that that is not true. I'm not upset at the color change, but at your...
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    GWSC-Week 6 poll

    Not sure how you get that; they're both the same files. Right click and view the URL to check. My suggestion is when you copy it over to photoshop, do it in one stroke so that it preserves transparency. It looks as though you tried to copy it over and re-edited the transparency, which changed...
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    GWSC-Week 6 poll

    I also vote for Jade Velocity, nice work there. However, I notice that my entry does not look the same as what you posted there. Whats up with that? My entry: vs Minor difference with the red glow, but my sprites should not be changed in appearance by someone or something else for a contest...
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    Should I start spriting again?

    Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. I originally joined serebii forums some many years ago in order to display my sprites (a time at which this sub forum was exploding with many many daily updated threads). However, due to being busy with academics and my person life, among...
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    GWSC-Week #6 "More gales of darkness"

    Should we begin voting since its the next week?
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    GWSC-Week 5 poll

    Jade velocity gets my vote.
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    GWSC-Week #6 "More gales of darkness"

    I present my entry to this contest (boy it's been a looong time since I've sprited!): Shadow Landorus [link]
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    what is the dumbest thing you have ever done?

    What is IT supposed to be? If "IT" is supposed to be your virginity, this is BS and you are still a virgin. If you do not know what virginity is, lol.
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    Gameplay Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I think they'll let us marry NPCs and have children with them, who we can then raise to adulthood by leveling them up through a minigame.
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    Look No Background

    Not having a background isn't a big deal. But the art itself looks good.
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    Mulfrog! A special Fakemon.

    Lol to be honest, I more or less pulled him out of my butt without any forethought. I just wanted to draw a fakemon so I didn't really plan him out. It's good that you think he looks good. He'd probably function as one of those non-evolving pokemon in a game that's just there to look pretty -...
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    Mulfrog! A special Fakemon.

    It's been quite a while since I've been active on Serebii net. I return with a work of art! Behold, Mulfrog: Mulfrog The Marsh Frog Pokemon Habitat: Wetlands Diet: Insects, small birds, moss, other aquatic vegetation Ability: Swift Swim Whats so special about it, you ask?
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    Whose that Pokémon?! Weekly Contest

    Contest Closed.